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Alpha Invest Group - alphainvgroup.com

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Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions

Alpha Invest Group

Start: 11.06.2021

As a corporate firm, Alpha Invest Group also deal in innovative products and Offers solutions across a wide range of portfolio management, including equities, fixed income, multi/private assets, and Financial advise.

Alpha Invest Group is an investment firm, managed by a team of financial experts that generate profits through buying and selling cryptocurrencies, stocks, solar energy, options and commodities as well as real estate investments. We employ a variety of financial techniques to achieve the set goals for our client.

Officially registered in Switzerland with our COMPANY NUMBER 1410978.

We fully acknowledge that management is an integral part of a company’s success and that a strong management team is essential to achieving a company’s full potential. We empower management so they take full responsibility for proposing and executing the agreed strategy and for the operation of the business as a whole. We challenge management to set high ambitions and support them in achieving our common goals, and recognize their contribution with substantial financial rewards.

⯑ Investment plans:
Plan 1
2.00% daily for 10 days
Deposit limit:
$ 200-19999

Plan 2
3.00% daily for 10 days
Deposit limit:
$ 20,000.00 and more
♻️ Referral commission: 8% - 3%
⯑ Payment system: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USDT, Ripple, BNB, Alpha Coin and Bitcoin Cash.
⯑ Payment type: Manual
Minimum Withdrawal: $1.


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