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Cryptency - Cryptency.biz

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Money is often mentioned as the root of all evil. Such a statement is often caused by money problems. Rich people would say that a lack of money is the root of all evil. Poor people often forbid the subject of money to be discussed at the dinner table, because of embarrassment connected to the current situation. At this point is committed a fundamental mistake. When you forbid discussing the subject of money, you are putting your head to sleep. You do not force you brain to work and figure out a solution for the matter of a bad financial situation.

When you walk down the street and see your colleague driving his new Porsche, it would be normal to desire what he got. But often is the desire killed by the mindset: "I can't afford it." Instead of thinking I can't afford it, the rich man would think: "How can I afford it?" It is the same as the difference between the man who goes to the gym every day, and the man who sits at home watching TV. The man who goes to the gym get fit, the man in front of the TV get fat. It is very important to exercise your brain, and it might mean the difference between rich and poor.

Do not work for money, let the money work for you. That is the main message of cryptency

150% after 1 day
$2 - $500

225% after 2 days
$501 - $999

320% after 3 days
$1000 - $5000


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