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euphoria2Investment into HYIPs, that more skilled investors and forum lodgers for certain know and beginners not absolutely understand, always was first of all a matter of psychology and then sober mind. Moreover, HYIP itself has a little from rationality, but always steadily operate popular feelings - greed and easy money. In pursuit of "happiness" 90% of clients always get, and will get, in a trap from which they will always financially suffer.

Euphoria just belongs to such illnesses as imaginary confidence of an ordinary HYIP-user, his/her exaggerated confidence is generated by greed and attempt to snatch here and as much as possible. Let's not pretend but just agree that in situations of excellent prize or receiving a quite good profit, inexperienced, though quite sober, investor with ease puts even more, than for the first time, without clear explanation of that. A person got a half of loaf but trying to get the whole bread. It's difficult and useless to explain then that a person lost his head. eforia

But such problem administrations of many projects know and earn by it. Many HYIPs offer simple, clear and very fast profit marketing, plus - almost always you will find excellent conditions for reinvest. In short to create in you that feeling of easy money and strong desire to try again. Especially it concerns various high yield programs where conditions of earnings estimates in days or even hours. When you got profit from the first round it is very difficult to resist to go to the second one. In many cases, conducted by general opinion, possibility of the same fast earnings and "confidence in HYIP", investors invest there large sums and then the project is "suddenly" closed, only administration has quite excellent results.

So, you fell a victim of euphoria and lost on it (well if you are not, then especially we recommend this text for reading in order to avoid deplorable results), so what to do and how to avoid it?
First of all, do not give in to a legend of a project and other tempting fables of "real activity". Of course, it suitable for mid- and low-profitable projects which very well think over each detail of virtual "company", but as practice showed, there are persons who believe in oil-extracting company with daily income in 10%. So, sweep it away. Always estimate projects only by technical, organizational and advertizing parameters. How well the administration prepared for start, can correspond to how the project will live further. If it is high-profitable project, one-two times for investment will be quite enough, and then can concentrate on attraction and earnings on affiliate program.

The second criterion is general opinion that in many cases is right, but in many - wrong. If all your friends says you that the project works perfectly and you can earn a pile of money here, be always pragmatic. Fix not only losses, but also profit.

And finally - put rigid levels, first of all, for yourself. If you are not confident in a HYIP or there are some objective moments for excitement - stop and do not play any more. If you did not invest yet, don't do it. HYIP-industry will provide a ton more of opportunities for earnings, and there is no need to play till "victorious end" all the more it will never be.