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Experience of HYIP-investor beginner

Most of people wake up with the same question: "Where to take money?". An unstable situation in the country, sharp growth of dollar rate, surtaxes conduct to that people don't have enough income from the main work. The above-mentioned strongly hit me. And here I decided to act - to look for additional earnings. I considered a set of various options. But anyway - nothing was worth.

… And hereI came across HYIPs where everyday income is about 3%. I work in the largest bank of the country therefore didn't believe in "tales of gold mountains". But curiosity and desire to earn nevertheless got me, and I carefully started looking for information.

First of all examined Monitor-invest, re-read all articles, learned about MMGP and started studying this branch.

There passed a week. I started understanding more or less what is "HYIP" and how it works (in theory). Time came to practice. My first investments made no more than 5 dollars in Pharmafinance and Investo projects for one-day plans. It was, so to speak, an initial test in which I made those investments that I was ready to lose (followed advice). Already in a day received the first profit. To 5 dollars added 25 cents - there were no limits to my pleasure! As well as most of beginners I thought that found a pot of gold.

Later I met a guy that lives by means of HYIPs. He advised to begin with a sum of 1000 dollars, but for that time this amount was incredible. So I decided to throw so far only 192 dollars. So to speak I chose "hard level" in HYIP and started action during difficult New Year's Eve period.

The first that I did - followed advice "Do not deposit in HYIP that work for a long time" and "Do not keep all eggs in one basket". At the same time they put a spoke in wheel, as I apprehended themChto-takoe-hyip- too literally. I started losing money in new projects and to scatter (as I thought "diversifying") money into different scam-projects. Long working "Nanoindustryinv" helped for that time - I made the majority of investments in it and it kept me from severe losses during the most dangerous period of investment in HYIP industry.

2 months later I had only 37 dollars. I accurately set the point: to beat off losses without adding money. In fact I consider that it is the main mistake of beginners (a person get into the swing, as in a casino).

After disappointments there was a wish to give up HYIP-investment and to withdraw at least that remained. But stubborn, importunate character got the best. I decided to act "by large" - all I had enclosed in project, and received profit scattered in new projects where design and technology of execution seemed to me familiar (experience started helping).

And here at last after three months of failures and receiving precious experience, I made own list of advices and rules of investment into HYIPs. At last income started surpassing losses, and my balance on PM sharply increased!

First - find a person (it is better from your town), who will be at first your mentor. It will allow to get closer to HYIP and shorten losses.

Second - do not begin with large amount, begin with small one. For first few months your task is not to "get more" but to learn how to be "without loss". Where I would be if followed advice of that person who told me to "Begin with 1000"?

Third - make more connections, they will surely be useful to you, after all through various people you can learn about most worthy and most powerful HYIP-projects.

Is it worth investing in HYIP? I think yes. But mostly - MIND, but not money. Money - only a tool for investment. And if you decided that specifically this HYIP will be your additional earnings, first of all study it in details.

… Outside a window is spring, calendar shows April, the sum in my wallet of PM already passed 300 dollars.

Yours faithfully Denis (c) Wanderlust.