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kakiesankIn minds of many people, the word "sanctions" often is associated with a certain firing list which has to hit very painfully in heads citizens, at once and without hesitation. For some people sanctions seem something quite concrete and even physical.

For obvious reasons, and various experts speak about it for a long time, sanctions and their effect are very ephemeral. Yes, some countries with strong economy can forbid companies to cooperate with sanctions aimed country. However in the majority they have recommending character and prove as caution from further actions. Having got under sanctions, the country can expect outflow of capital and investors who don't want to lose the money, respectively, national economy goes down.
For domestic companies, sanctions, of course, have much more menacing character, after all activity ban in extensive European market as well as lack of opportunity for crediting can endanger separate firms and even whole branches, that we now observe. This is a long process that's why it is not visible for a person who is not involved in geopolitical deals.

Many businessmen think that if they work in "dark field", and the majority of Russian enterprises works that way (not only Russian), the wave of consequences will not concern them. However they forget what even shadow market participates in economic processes of the country as each enterprise sells and buys things, no matter they write in declarations. Respectively, decline in purchasing power (it is an inevitable situation when economy falling) will naturally lead to reduction of all companies income.


And now about HYIPs. If you are already skilled participant and know all regularities of work of this industry, so you, obviously, will understand that people here are special. And not in respect of mental capacities but in respect of relation. Here it is necessary to explain that HYIP-industry is often compared with casino and some moments are. Both have one main incentive - fast profit and high interest which can give high margin. For this reason HYIP and casino - both will exist, so far there is greed. But there is also a difference. The difference of HYIP from casino (except online casino) is that HYIPs are not attached to an internal situation of concrete country. If you have HYIP experience, you know that it is a website that transfer money from one owner, to another and that's it. They practically don't interact with real sector, so less subject to risks from outside. All that can harm is a reduction of investors and deposits.

But as practice of 2008 showed, this factor is completely leveled by psychology. When we get to a difficult financial situation which comes to an end with actual or potential loss of money, we always look for shortest ways to make up for lost time and get money. It is natural reaction and it is quite proved. Thus you can often see it, in difficult times become popular various shamans, pyramids, casino and other ways of fast earnings. HYIP here is not an exception. Thanks to simplicity in development and high profitability, they will be always popular among people. Crisis will force some people to stop investing too much, and administrators to shut down projects, but their place will place more risky admins and it will start over.