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forumEarnings of money on the Internet become more popular from year to year. Because of it a large number of resources devoted to earnings in network appeared. The most popular form of such resources is a forum. There are both general and thematic forums. The subject can be different, beginning from low-profitable and risk-free types of earnings, such as surfing, ad-clicking and input of CAPTCHA, till investment into real estate and real business.

If you look for information on the Internet earnings subject so the first resource on which you will get, - the biggest forum about internet earnings on the Internet. Here you can find information practically on all types of earnings: investment into real companies, stock exchange, HYIPs, arbitration of traffic, Forex, sports bets, etc. There are canstantly apper new subjects and new experts in these or those areas. There are a lot of money inside the forum. So, many people sell their services: traders, programmers, designers, advertisers and others. It should be noted that this forum is a basic starting point for administrators of various financial pyramids who start developing projects after articles on mmgp. Quite important is that fact that in subjects devoted to HYIPs, the biggest attendance, but not all visitors are investors. Generally it is various people advancing this or that project: monitors, paidposters (people who make posts about payments for money), insurers (people, whose deposits insure administrators), and other.FOR

HYIPs and investment is a basis of MMGP, all other subjects which are presented there, are not the main sources of attendance, and has a large number of other more narrow-purpose platforms for communication.

Besides MMGP there are also other forums which specialize on earnings on the Internet. Among them we can mark out Russian-speaking - externally it is very strongly similar to MMGP, and has the same sources of traffic. To RusMMG goes banned participants of MMGP, also one of main sources of posts are people promoting HYIPs.

Except Russian-speaking, there is still a set of western forums devoted to the same earnings on the Internet: MoneyMakerGroup, TalkGold, DreamTeamMoney, etc. It should be noted that at western forums activity is much lower than Russian-speaking. Perhaps it is connected with outside reasons - they just don't need "to wear out the seat of their pants on the Internet", after all they have high salaries at works, and there is no sense to be engaged in "affairs, useless for society". But let's return to forums. There are a lot of articles devoted to legal earnings on the Internet. These subjects are supported by sensible people who work in these or those spheres long enough. Besides legal methods, of course, there are sections about HYIPs. As a rule, huge number of users come to HYIP sections of foreign forums from RuNet to be advertized (posts about payments, deposits, about projects in general). But as practice shows, the traffic from these forums is insignificant as western investors very much are skeptical about similar projects, respectively these subjects don't gather popularity.

Summing up the result, it is possible to claim that investment forums can serve as excellent help for beginners. Many participants share useful information honestly and openly. Development of this industry constantly progresses. 

We will continue to watch tendencies in HYIP environment. Stay tuned.