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Free-100Many beginners, having read various sites and articles about HYIP industry or how to work here, almost always raise a logical question - whether it is possible to earn here without making deposits? And as networks dazzle with different headings, like "Earn millions from nothing!", the answer seems obvious. However it isn't so simple and now we will try to explain what is what.

If you noticed, HYIPs (and not only thaem) almost always work with two components of marketing. Actually, it is a deposit program "enclosed-received", but also "a referral program". If the first is clear (if it is not clear - learn materiel), the second is created for passive earnings. That is for cheapskates who don't like to deposit, but draw interest from invited people. Administrators of projects know such people (in fact, they are the same) therefore in every possible way think out various schemes and ways for attraction. By the experience we say even more - for the majority of HYIPs, a referral component in the project is a priority #1 when developing, while deposits simply a background (in fact, this is material for work of refbringers).

So, if you decided to step into this track, you need to know two things namely whom to invite and that the most important, where to invite! We will talk about first option later; there is a lot of materials for training and development. Let's talk about where it is worth inviting. The choice of a project is a main task for a beginning refbringer if he wants to become successful and attract tens and hundreds of thousands dollars (and such people exist). The main point is simple - if to attract people in various scam projects where they will lose their money right away, one day nobody will come according to your reflink. Therefore, the main thing that you have to know is a project where you invite. If you learned about it almost everything, talked over with administration, analyzed the project on prospect, talked to colleagues on shop, and you don't have doubts in operability of the HYIP, safely bring people there. With probability in 99% they will come with a profit and you receive the first base of devoted fans.

leaderHowever not all projects work "for free" and many founders put in their programs existence of an obligatory contribution, even in that case when you were going to bring people here. The contribution can sometimes be very big as happens in various matrixes or in low-interest projects. In that case, if you are confident in the project, you should not spare the expense. First, it will be an excellent signal for your people who will see that even you are ready to deposit in a HYIP, and secondly - for you it is one more motivation for fastest getting back of "loss". Anyway it is one more advantage (and for the project too).

But if the prospect of invitation and receiving referral didn't interest you, or you don't wish to be engaged in similar "dirty" affairs, as they say, even for you many projects have some more trumps in a sleeve. It is about various bonuses, actions and other marketing counters which are also present at many HYIPs and not only there. The main thing of such offers is simple - the administration suggests you to place a response or a link at various forums, groups, social networks, and in exchange you receive some guaranteed sum or a bonus to your account. Similar acts will not bring you wealth or fabulous money, but also don't demand big efforts for realization and costs nothing to you. In practice, such approach also attracts a great number of gapers and helps development of the project once again.