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centenariaMany beginners and skilled investors too, ask very reasonable question concerning longevity of projects and their small quantity. The problem of existence of normal quantity of worthy HYIPs exists, though is slightly inflated, in our opinion. Now we will try to approach to this subject using a reasoned judgement.

Many projects which we met, had quite good makings and successful starts, but for some reasons, fulfilled some circles and were closed. Here we can place also projects that showed excellent level of organization but which did not interest due number of potential investors, because of that administrations closed projects.

All this pushes to a conclusion that "potential" working projects much more, than just working, but they under different circumstances, could not reveal themselves. Some people can reproach us for these words, say "administrators are guilty that the HYIP was closed". In most cases it is true, but there are a lot of projects that were closed because of absolute ignoring among investors, or their destructive behavior. The majority of habitue of HYIP industry always think of short-term investment and instant carrying out of all profit, with subsequent "waiting" on the party, without attraction of new people or reinvest. Of course, no one can reproach such people because nobody forbids to use the money and income as you like. Otherwise there is no point to invest in general. However there is no point to wait long-term work of any project too. 

dengAt the moment, all HYIP industry has not the most profitable times when beginners don't come here in enough quantity, and those who are here, prefer to come under financial guarantees or with skilled refbringers who can provide guarantees of profitability of their participation. Such atmosphere does not assist further development of worthy and unique projects. Moreover, founders constantly monitor a situation and feel moods of investors, therefore arrange under their desires. That's why we see domination of same HYIPs, with sample design, similar plans and equipment. Other project would appear in more difficult situation, than "one more of …".

As we already mentioned, long-term work can provide only well-known or "checked" administrators which reputation (but not the HYIP) allow their projects to show quite good results. As a result we have such projects as NanoIndustry, Raisean, Majestic Swan which attract many refbringers and, accordingly, crowd of investors, but externally can't brag of something outstanding or unique.

Well of course, you should not write-off various scam fakes that spoil general reputation of all industry. There is nothing surprising that such projects are the majority as an instinct "to snatch and escape" is inherent not only to investors, but also administration of projects. They are fully guilty for meaning that HYIP projects are an unpromising and unprofitable type of earnings, and many potential clients avoid this sphere. Fortunately, such fakes are easily noticeable.

Anyway, but the problem of small existence of profitable projects is, and hardly it will disappear somewhere. However, not everything is so simple and you can't write-off everything on scam projects and the same administrators. Let's say only that really high-quality project can attract attention, and actions of decent administration can become guarantee of impressive result.