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krahScams among HYIPs and other similar projects became a habit for a long time and it perceives as something usual. Especially if it is about different high profitable projects and HYIPs "for couple of days". However when closing a whole payment system that provides money turnover in different projects and resources, this is a serious event with the most deplorable consequences.

The history already knows such loud situations. The last payment system that suffered the same fate to be closed was Liberty Reserve system. Without excess exaggerations, it was the most popular system of online virtual money which was presented almost at each investment project. Thanks to the popularity, currencies were easily converted in other currencies and exchanged very simply and well. The harder was closing when at once hundreds of various resources and projects were cut off from the wallets and, respectively, reserves. We don't even speak about investors. Losses were millions of dollars.

That time the reason was federal agency of the USA as work of Liberty affected their legal framework and it was recognized as illegal. Of course, nobody saw money.

Nevertheless, the history can repeat itself and now one more popular payment system was closed. Several years EgoPay was among leaders in HYIP industry and in the field of virtual money, along with Perfect Money system. The resource was based by natives of other payment system, under the name Payza. The main feature of EgoPay, in comparison with Payza and even with Perfect Money, was loyalty to work of HYIPs, matrixes and other pseudo-investment schemes.

For this reason it gained popularity very quickly - administrations of a set of HYIPs very willingly used EgoPay. The system continued to work, gain popularity actively and improve service, but there was a surprise.


On January 8th this year, at forum (and afterwards on other investment and information resources) there was a letter from a representative of Payeer system on an exchange of a large sum and subsequent withdrawal of money through the Payeer service. According to the representative, for a month the team of EgoPay service, through a set of false accounts (it became known, thanks to provider who was identical in all cases), carried out an exchange of large sums from accounts of EgoPay into accounts of Payeer then money were converted in Bitcoin and were at once withdrawn. In turn, money that were transferred into accounts of EgoPay (about 200 thousand dollars), as a result were blocked by administration. On various attempts to contact representatives of EgoPay concerning this doubtful situation were unsuccessful.

The situation quickly gathered a resonance as it became known that the problem concerned not only official partners and various exchange resources, but also usual clients which accounts got frozen. It is necessary to specify that only large accounts were frozen; then the client was given opportunity to withdraw only small part of money (most often there were available exactly $1000). As before, EgoPay administration refused to comment the situation that only gave confidence in a planned action.

Some days later the situation didn't get clear. More and more various resources disconnected from EgoPay (and continue to do it) that already bears irreversible character. Judging by "disappearance" of one of administrators of this resource (certain Tadas Kasputis which photos already walk on the Internet) from all resources, including social networks, it was purposeful ruin of EgoPay.