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resultsIt's useful to sum up results of a year in such category as HYIP-projects, though slightly ungrateful. Ungrateful because you can't fit everything, something will be missing. There is a place for criticism.

On the other hand, analysis of all industry behavior, surprises and offers, will make possible to forecast next year's outline prospects of further development. So, what was the beginning and the end of that year?

As it is already accepted to hear among all "advanced" investors and refbringers that the winter is a "dead" season where administrators - scammers, where all lose the money and other dark things (though if to look, 99% of days in a year are "such" season). And passed year should not have been an exception.

Many investors were picking noses, administrators eating and spending on drink that they earned for 2013 year, and life on various investments - forums went smoothly. There were some excellent projects, but nothing "extraordinary".

This entire dozing idyll was chopped off by March, with a release of Rockwell Partners project. It was the first and very much an abrupt HYIP which quickly blew up brains to many people. Having worked practically to the middle of the summer, at very not bad deposit plan, it managed to make a lot of money, having left behind a set of happy clients (and not so happy), envy and imitation among other administrators and a heap of scam-clones. Thanks for Rockwell we can say that this year passed not for nothing.

Also we would like to mention one more high-quality project under the namely - Brino. Attracting design, but the main thing - excellent marketing where for various achievements your interest on deposits increases. Such scheme pleased many investors and the project promptly flew up. Though "sat down" not as many wanted (briefly - fail).

It is important that these two (not only they, of course, but generally it is their merit), set a certain trend in movement of all next projects. Their heritage used by many next projects: "fragmentary" design, one deposit plan, but with various settings of "variations" and a set of competitions. 

You should not forget about INWIQU project though it's already dead. The project had long life, and many investors remained happy with its work. I do not know whether the legend of earnings on investments in various HYIP-projects is truthful, but the administration held it abnormally long.

If to look to the field of online investments in general, there is something to mention. Of course, it is loud MMCIS scam (after all warnings) and subsequent information wave. The smell of scam was heard even in the spring, then information went to masses and first system problems, however information campaign and a set of restrictions prolonged MMCIS life. Anyway, closing of such project reflected on reputation of all sector of trust management.

Separately it is also worth mentioning various payment systems, namely a sharp popularity growth of cryptocurrencies which blew up all financial worlds and at the same time smashed all critics and sceptics. People very quickly estimated opportunities and deal from use of bitcoins, and soon the world saw clones (suitable and absolutely stupid) of this popular currency. Of course, HYIP-industry didn't stay aside, script-makers and administrators began to add possibilities of payment through cryptocurrencies, new legends appeared "teams of professionals which, suddenly, 20 years mining this currency".

Besides bitcoins, one more surprise was a sharp growth of popularity of Payeer payment system which managed to replace design and improve functionality. Perhaps, it also became the reason for the growing popularity among projects which even more often began to add payment in this payment system. Well, most likely, Perfect Money has a potential competitor, and it is better for us.

On the latest news, it would be desirable to note Raisean project which on start showed excellent results and impressive recognition among investors; closing of long-liver Zeus-Invest, a second wind NanoIndustry project which after "disguise" received sharp popularity; and a set of other interesting events.

Looking back, we can safely claim that 2014, contrary to many predictions, was saturated, fascinating and very profitable.

Most likely, the trend for work with cryptocurrencies, as well as the general laborious and creative work will remain from founders of various projects. The current year showed an excellent set of mid-interest projects, for all tastes, however on the other hand increased requests for creative MLM-games, like World Birds and Randomilly (that, however, appeared to be scam) therefore we can expect further development of this section.

Happy and profit New Year to you!