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If you want to become skilled analyst of HYIP projects and everything connected, the first thing you have to learn is to check quality of this or that project. As HYIP consists of several separate "parts", such as design, hosting, script, domain, SSL certificate, etc. Correct assessment of each separate point increases your chances to find really worthy project.

We will begin with define of high-quality script. For a start let's find out what scripts use vast majority of projects. These are products from Gold Codders, H-script and Shadow. Each of them exists several years and constantly improving because developers are terribly interested in the best quality of a total product. If we analyze a script from Shadow, it is used in quite serious projects, has some distinctive features and the price is much higher than from GC and HS (the script price for the moment of this article $500, that is not cheap for such product).

So, what first of all, you have to pay attention to, when checking a script of a project? The only thing and the main rule that you have to know is an existence of licensed script. That is, it has to be "officially" assigned to this or that project.


How it can be checked? Everything is quite simple. If the script is one of three above-mentioned developers, it is enough to you to visit the official site of this software where they have opportunity to check the license. Checking of the domain in a special form, can show you information, whether really the owner paid for that script.

But why it is obligatory to pay for the license, and whether it is impossible to do without it? The answer - yes, but it is fraught with several "inconveniences":

Firstly: Let's say you found a tempting offer from a certain user who sells H-script at below cost price, say, 10 dollars. Price ultralow and seems has no dirty trick. You buy this script, put it on your site and start "working". The problem is that downloading such product, it is never impossible to be sure that you do not download along a virus or additional software. Selling a "fake" product, such sellers quite often "fix" scripts, making them full of holes and available to breaking. The result always deplorable - as soon as your HYIP gains a sufficient sum on the accounts, to such user does not make special work to break protection of this script and withdraw all the money. Result: You remained with nothing, as well as your clients.
Secondly: Buying a script on the party, you thereby at once lose possibility of technical support from its developers. The thing is not in incompleteness, but also in correction of critical mistakes which can arise in process of work of your project. Quite often there are situations when the script starts knocking and giving out various mistakes. Efficiency of correction of such inconveniences which developers can provide, quite often kills the project.

Thirdly: It is the general image of a project. When the administration uses license, official products, it is always noticeable and it means that founders of a HYIP spare no expense for safety and convenience in work with the project. That, finally, increases trust among clients and your capital.

Thus, knowledge of analysis methods and check of cherished secrets of a project certainly important as will help you to estimate and distinguish worthy administrators with worthy projects, from various jerks and scamers.