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historyFor many simple inhabitants such concept as HYIP is similar to a curse. Who doesn't know known in wide circles Mavrodi? He brought to CIS spaces such mysterious term as pyramids. Undoubtedly MMM is a crown in a gold collection of pyramid-building. Don't be deceived by forum experts who are saying about hatred to the great Moscow swindler because each of them deep in their souls dreams of mini MMM.

Initially, as it was already told in other article, pyramids were a field for real professionals, businessmen, geniuses and simply experts on the business, usual people were just outside observers. Or participate, winning or not. Many tried to make something special, but practically always unsuccessfully because government doesn't sleep. Plus, affected fear of the same rake, besides, after MMM …

The situation was changed by what very few people in general expected - the Internet. When the first network got on the computer to a simple man, and it was at the beginning of 90th, very few people could imagine as abruptly it can change life style. There was no Vkontakte, Facebook, Skype or online TV yet, it only should be in the offing and the Internet itself was quite expensive pleasure. But schemes of easy money were already studied and tested. Of course with help of foreign colleagues.

It is hard to say when appeared the first HYIP, they say that the first man was Japanese (oh, these Japanese) Miyamoto Ichikawa who in 1996 created something like "earning programs of new type" (as later appeared - a usual script), and the company was called RMI. At that time, in Western world the Internet was not in wonder therefore "revolutionary" method went to the people, having collected more than one million dollars. Later people understood that invested in an online pyramid, namely - in HYIP.


Since middle of 90th, the inspired by Miyamoto or Madoff, or the greed, or by Mavrodi (or by all at once), many usual people began to experiment, create, develop and in every possible way advance in masses idea of those "revolutionary" earnings, through HYIP. But that time the Internet was not quite available to broad masses, and who had it, were engaged in downloading and viewing of "you know what". Because of that HYIP gathered very small audience and respectively, money. At that time, for many administrators the sum, say, of 5000 - 7000 dollars already was cosmic, and he could by the right consider himself as god among all HYIPs. However, very quickly, the industry came to stagnation. Despite prompt development of the Internet, people came to the industry reluctantly. General satiety affected, for CIS Mavrodi still was on the horizon; in other countries all was even more rigid - especially there where legislation worked better. However HYIP continued to live as nobody saw alternatives. For founders it was opportunity to earn much and easily, and stay untouched because the Internet allowed. And for a simple participant it also was an opportunity to fill up the wallet. Or to empty it.

So it proceeded up to the middle of 2000. Projects were created, there were investors, programs were written and improved, legends were thought out, money was raised, and everything began anew. Gradually HYIP started dividing, depending on profitability. So there was "low-interest", "mid-interest" and "high-interest". For those founders was lazy to make up a legend and imitate activity, also was a category - MLM-games. But 2008 brought a lot of changes.

It is necessary to specify, as now HYIP is rather specific, niche product and creates not for wide audience. However "that time" it was even darker area that a very few people understood and where a few people went. Even thematic sites, forums or other, so-called "HYIP monitorings", appeared much later. And suddenly, the industry was flooded by people, money and popularity.

What was the reason? It is quite possible that crisis of 2008. For people it was a shock, many people appeared, in literal sense, without money and tried to make attempts to find a way from difficult situation, discover new ways of earnings. One more reason could be significant progress in penetration of the Internet and low cost of its services. Or the industry grew so that could become clear for bigger number of simple people.

Anyway, explosion happened so many, even skilled, HYIPers simply were not ready for it. First of all, psychologically. Increasing demand at low offer, created conditions for collecting of such piles of money which administrators did not see ever. Before $7000 was the top of dreams, but now it is possible to get for some days doing nothing. Started a series of closings and opening of frankly scam projects which took out cash as Mavrodi by trucks. However the industry quickly recovered and started developing actively and roughly. At increasing requirements of investors to quality of HYIP, began to appear forums devoted online earnings, namely - HYIP. Was created a forum Money Maker Group (MMG) where users could share their stories of success/loss and analyze new and old projects. CIS did not lag behind and gave rise to analog - MMGP who quickly bypassed in popularity of the origin. Meanwhile, founders worked by the sweat of their brow, rolling out new projects as hot pies that created conditions for, so-called, HYIP monitorings which main task was an assessment of projects, their review and classification. All this became incentive for attraction of more broad masses and as a result - HYIP industry was flooded with money.


In general, the period from 2008 to 2010 can be considered as Golden Age for HYIP. Back then all industry got stronger and became similar to that we see this day. Of course, process doesn't stand still; handymen continue to improve the craft of mega-administrators. Demand for quality became the reason of emergence of universal programs for HYIP which now called HYIP-scripts. Hired designers for fee can create a creative miracle or advertizing agents who can promote any project.

About 18 years later, Mavrodi decided that his time has come and rolled out a brand new MMM-2011 with an inevitable apocalypse. Despite (relatively) fresh memory people rushed to deposit hard-earned money, conducted by promotion and for big interest. One and a half year later, the apocalypse came to pockets of each investor and hundreds of thousands people remained with nothing.

After crash of MMM version 2011, HYIP industry received one more small charge of popularity, however domination of frankly scam projects impaired a little bit reputation among similar projects.

At the moment, we can note that HYIP industry is still specific way of earnings which won't suit everyone. Despite the general relation to projects as to some gambling, there are always desperate people who sometimes lose everything and it stains reputation of all industry. However HYIP will never die and the reason is banal - greed and constant thirst of people for irrational risk. And in many cases it works, feeding interest of people in this type of unusual earnings.