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referalnAmong beginning investors, particularly among those who jast came to learn what HYIP is, occurs opinion, concerning ease earnings on investments. Partly it is right, but for investment into real sector with which HYIP has only some similarity. HYIP industry, as you already for certain understood (and who is not, we recommend to examine our portal), has a number of features, among which and, actually, ways of earnings. So, along with a "usual" contribution, there are also earnings on advertizing and partner work which often exceed the income from investments. We won't describe the reason for that because it is a subject for future article, however we will tell only that refbringers and, so-called, monitors are from this field. And they earn the greatest number of money for HYIP projects.

However, if you are a beginning "HYIPer" you should ask a question - how to estimate a project? Where to deposit and where not to lose, and what to do in general? Standard questions for all who does not want to be a loser. And here it is these two categories.

But what is the difference between refbringers and monitors? The answer is very unevident therefore let's begin with the little.

Who is a refbringer? Refbringer is a person which main task consists in advertizing and an enticement of people in this or that project. Sometimes such person works at own will, helping to advance a pleasant project, or advertizing it "for thanks". Sometimes, he works, as a hired advertiser (that is extremely seldom). A refbringer is able both to teach and interest, and in general - in every possible way to treat kindly, only give money. Generally their task is catching of lazy clients who don't want to penetrate into an essence of work and long analysis. Such people want to be "slightly deceived" and refbringers are ready to help them with it. So what is a dirty trick, you may ask? The money. The matter is that a refbringer is terribly interested in that you deposit into a project because by rules of a partner program (if presented), he will instantly draw the interest from this transaction. As you already for certain guessed, very often, most of such people simply lead trustful beginners for lost, guaranteeing earnings frankly lying. They don't care after you deposit $100. Of course, it is worth specifying, as refbringers can be quite "honest" and in every possible way care for clients and many of them offer a refback - return of part or the whole sum of a referral bonus from your contribution. However, reality is that HYIP is a thing in itself unstable and they scam always "suddenly". And the refbringer, that "very honest", of course, will not return your contribution. Though there are nuances...

monitoringThings with refbringers slightly foggy, but with monitors things are more or less clearly. Unlike refbringers which main objective is attraction of clients, with subsequent receiving money for him, the main point of monitor work and its earnings, lie in slightly other plane. It is a site which task also consists in advertizing of projects; however the principle of this advertizing has other character. A monitor is a certain portal observer which watches work of various HYIPs, putting down them marks, doing reviews and making certain tops. The main objective of such resources - the maximum informational content for investors. Therefore interest of monitors is to gain popularity and then earn money from it. Monitors are terribly interested in granting the fullest and reliable information on projects, and their careful monitoring because it is pledge of that they will get popularity. For investors it is an access for extensive information on a set of projects, their objective choice and a refback in addition. Monitors also have profit from partner program from clients' deposits, however they don't "entice" into a HYIP, they only give recommendations. It is a basic difference between refbringers and monitors, in a technique of earnings and work in general. But there is a fly in the ointment. The matter is that the opinion of a certain investor, if we speak about monitors, in most cases depends on estimates and rating of a project which this monitor gives. In turn, rating of a project depends on a set of factors, basic of which are solvency, attractivity and functionality of the project. Separate factors are also estimates of investors. Also exists a problem that many monitors, to please easy profit which administrators of projects are capable to provide, can swindle and impart to investors wrong opinion on reliability of a HYIP. You can call it "agreement" between a monitor and HYIP when the last makes selective payments (that is the basis for a decent monitor to take such project to a category "problem"), and the first covers it and gives to a HYIP the status "paying" that can entice the simple investor, actually, in a trap.

In the end we want to say that for investors who wants, on the one hand, to learn to analyze HYIP projects and choice the most suitable and potential, and on the other - to earn a lot of money and knowledge, should use both opportunities which provide both refbringers and monitors. And though both has a set of advantages and disadvantages you should remember threats which can proceed both from monitors and refbringers.