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vinitClosing of any project is almost always accompanied by angry barracking, damnations and so on. Obviously that they can't do anything. They start to blame everyone. Monitoring, referrals (sometimes fairly), forums about earnings, topic starters, and simply "passers-by". All of them receive a share of attention.

Is it fair? Let's discuss.

In most cases HYIP is a kind of financial pyramid where all "real" activity carelessly (and sometimes very excellent) is veiled under a simple kind of earnings. As a rule, it is an old scheme: Forex, share stock exchange, gold and oil. There are also more exotic legends but we will pass it by. However, almost in all cases, those people who have analytical thinking will almost problemlessly define that actually shows this or that project. When on the main site said that the company of traders with large experience and have a connection to Barack Obama, decided to create in RuNet small HYIP and give 40% in a month on … oil, to tell the truth, even grandmother of a trustful investor will scent that something's wrong. And the choice, as always lies on trustful investor. Will he pretend that believing in this legend and fondly put into the account some hundreds, and in case of loss, accuse known Jimm who in this project too or tell himself such earnings not for him and pass by?

This is the main point of the problem.

Many admins purposely put the most absurd legends, the most tall stories and simply show what it's going to be. And it is not simple so (though and there are "exceptions"), after all both founders and investors - all of them understand all ins and outs of high yield games and that is why they play, and win. Or lose. And if you don't agree, but continue to eat a cactus then - it is your fault.

Certainly, nobody cancel management responsibility of projects. Because of that extreme quantity of scripts which is already accessible, either for fee or free, because of presence sample designs and one-use hosting, in this industry there are a lot of frauds and idiots who aim to make garbage projects and close it after one day. Anyone can figure it out, they are so unprofessional. However there are also those who have serious approach to HYIPs. As in the project plan, and a personal security. Such people know what they are doing and prepare for it months or years. They don't do disposable projects and not going to close them next day. And always try to give the best conditions and provide with profit as much people as possible, after all for them reputation means even more. But even they have to close projects and leave set of people with nothing. And when you lost your money, whether it is fair to call them "scamer"? Those who pulled the project to the last, those who created conditions and possibilities of earnings for all, those who fairly or by hints said, that it was a pyramid.

In last articles we said that HYIP projects occupy a gray zone within the limits of a legislative field when it is impossible to demonstrate the fact of crime and reveal "swindler". However each person independently makes decisions and only he, in a final variant, is responsible for the actions. Therefore, before trustfully deposit your money; think whether you are ready for consequences, because you this or that way are warned.