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otkudaInteresting question. If you ask it for example on MMGP many people just laugh off. One will say that they are like wizards - come from nowhere and gone that way, others - shrug shoulders and add «doesn't matter, the main thing is project» (well in general is correct too). But give one after another.

So, there are three basic categories of HYIP administrators:

1) Beginners

2) Skilled administrators

3) SCAMers

Beginners. Beginners are people without experience and even complete idea about HYIP but it seems to them that if they create quite good HYIP project and they get millions. Even billions. The idea that such approach uses everyone doesn’t stop them. Therefore they think out. Make up. Lay out. Earn. Mainly lose. And leave. A few people that reached something pass into a second category. Projects of such administrators if they really want to show something and somehow create live HYIP legend, come out ambiguous, with chaotic work and the same chaotic earnings (or SCAM).

Skilled administrators. A black swan. Especially today, at time of general apathy and "dusty" content of all industry. But when they come out... oh dear, the day has come to deposit your money to the project in expectation of the future profit. Their aim - to create HYIP as fair as possible; they have no reason to SCAM, because reputation can bring thousands of dollars. Sometimes they work by teams, creating projects one after another without loss of uniqueness and quality. Projects from such people always expected, juicy and “the best” even if it turned out "not so". Here is the main thing - Reputation. This is the magic that makes you shut your eyes to many issues. More often they justify the expectations and many people earn by means of them, and their projects serving as a desirable model. But also happens that they go broke and SCAM. There is nothing to do, we are all human.

SCAMer. The name speaks for itself. They do only empty projects. Pattern design that you can find anywhere, they even will pay you for using. Script, as well as hosting is free, of course not quite fresh. SSL is absent as a class. 99.9% will SCAM within first days or hours. The aim of such projects - to get as much as naive beginners can give. After all more skilled investors can't be caught by this peace of sh*t. Such projects no more than that.

But there is one more category. It is very rare and very ambiguous. These are administrators who engaged in real activity. That is not that dumb «the company with ten years' experience in the market of oil and profitableness 8% in a day». This is real techniques of earnings through trust management. Such projects you can count on the fingers of your hand and all of them bring low profit if we speak about high-yield ways of earnings. As a rule, these people are from Forex, betting (sport bets) or binary options. Such people - a gold treasure, they don't have a reason to leave with your money, as stable long work shows the best way how to enrich yourself. However there is one "but"! As practice shows, having find really "reliable" way, absolute quantity of such people are not interested in creation of HYIP projects. Their profitableness is high, doesn't depend on inflow of people and money, and they are not going to share secrets with others. For them HYIPs are a superfluous expenditure of time which they could use more wisely. Usually they work through personal acquaintances, without fuss with scripts and other trifles.

Sum up: HYIP industry is the most uncertain and unstable place for earnings. It was and will be this way, for the human nature, both administrators and ordinary participants of this game. It would be desirable to deduce the accurate formula how to earn stably, without loss, but tragedy is that such formula is not possible. Division "beginner", "skilled", "SCAMer" - rather conditional; many projects who should not have be successful - managed to work and make excellent profit, and other way round. If there is a universal formula it should be that: estimate the project on final readiness. Administrator's scrupulousness and innovation defines his/her thoughts. Analyze reactions of people, don't hurry up with conclusions, if there is a possibility of personal contact with administration - torture them with questions, but find out all that you need. And never risk that sum of money that you are not afraid to lose.