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LegendThe most popular legends in HYIPs

Today we will talk not about legendary HYIPs as you may think, but a little bit of other legends. In HYIPs a legend is a history about the project. What kind of this company is; what they are doing; where money comes from, etc. Accordingly the legend the project gets it's category. If it is directly said that the project is a financial pyramid, it defined to MLM-games. If any other legend is used, the project is HYIP.

The most popular kind of activity in HYIPs always was and still is Forex. The currency stock exchange (rarely stock exchange are others), was used from the moment of occurrence of the very first HYIP projects, and used till now. This legend is favorite because Forex one of not numerous places which could really give high profit, from 10-20% in a month and above. Besides, it is the most popular kind of earnings on the Internet, therefore many people familiar with it, founders of projects and investors.

Founders of projects always want their project to look very good. Therefore the following legend is trade in gold and real estate. But unlike various stock exchanges, gold and real estate is not quick way to get rich because it is stable but low-profitable investments, comparable with an investment in bank.

Following more probable subject is sport rates. This legend became especially popular in 2014 when practically every second or third project was with this history. In bets it is possible to increase your capital with any speed, 100%, 1000% in a month. But to reach stability in it is extremely difficult, therefore the majority of projects was closed as usual financial pyramid.

One more rather new legend - earnings on operations with crypto-currencies. In HYIPs this subject appeared after frequent mentions in news about Bitcoin (the most popular crypto-currency). The special boom occurred after the cost of Bitcoin in the open market overcame $1000.

Sometimes you can find stories about: furniture business, certain factories, digital technologies etc. For imagination there is no restrictions, as well as in real business. But more often, no matter the legend is, the project appears to be a financial pyramid. Sometimes HYIPs are really supported by means of any real source of the income, but not always it is enough to work constantly and stable. Therefore don't pay attention to the legend, you always should remember that sooner or later any HYIP will be closed. The legend could be evidence of quality of preparations, intellect, writing etc. Qualitative legend is for beginners that also helps the project. So, study the information that gives you the project, estimate its quality, but don't understand it literally.