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seasonsThe concept "seasonality" often used in many kinds of business, and HYIP industry is not an exception. Depending on time of year we see both rapid work and full calm. Let's consider it from investor's point of view when it is easier to find good project.

Traditionally a vigorous activity in HYIP industry begins in autumn, just as in other areas connect with investment (exchange markets, Forex). It is connected with vacations, both investors and administrations of projects. More people appear that wish to earn on HYIP, so demand generates supply. Autumn is very rich for a considerable quantity of new projects, from one-day HYIP to stable low-yield. Therefore, to choose a good variant for an investment is simply enough. Participate there, where you see agiotage, because in autumn there are enough people and money to promote any project. Usually during this season many projects open in a category of MLM-games, but classical HYIPs does not lag behind.

In winter the situation is a little bit different. In connection with approaching holidays and respective mood, many projects aim at a short-term so-called «on gifts». For the same reason many successful autumn projects close by New Year. Therefore in the first month of winter come very carefully to investment, and don't buy on «New Year bonuses». Certainly, there are projects who endure this period and successfully work all winter and even more, but it is rather an exception than a rule. Mainly it is low- and mid-yield projects. After January holidays goes small calm, but it doesn't concern MLM-games. In winter there are a lot of projects on holiday subjects.sezonnost

In spring when snow goes and the first flowers start to blossom, many HYIPs start to blossom too. Spring is rich for a considerable quantity of qualitative projects, especially in mid-yield category that please investors all season, and at times even in summer. But the closer summer, the shorter life-time. Therefore starting in May watch where your deposits are.

With summer the industry run into a deep sleep. Very few people would work at this time; therefore rows thin from both sides’ investors and HYIP projects. The majority of them opens and closes very fast, despite the fact that there is no competition. Even if they want to work, HYIPs simply doesn't have regular financial injections to continue the work. Nevertheless some projects work well, and give the chance to many investors to stay in plus. Also there are good projects with possibility to withdraw the deposit in a day.

Despite obvious seasonality there are projects that live by own rules and laws, and work equally well both in winter and summer. Pay attention to quality of preparation and manner of promotion. Long-term projects usually don’t hasten anywhere, and will not begin to add all possible advertizing in the first day of work. Watch for trends where many people participate, a lot of referrals, and study such projects more in detail. Because from activity of people, how many they invite new participants will depend term of life of any HYIP project who work by a principle of a financial pyramid.