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stavkisportFounders of HYIP programs don’t differ from each other in aspect of imagination and use same legends. If someone not in a course, a legend in a HYIP industry is a description about how they get high profit.

The most popular legend is - successful trade in Forex market that in different variations can be found approximately in 90% of all new HYIPs. But this year the tendency slightly changed. Among founders two subjects became popular, one pretty new, and the other is an old one. The first subject is cryptocurrency (mining, trade, speculation, working out of own cryptocurrency etc.) Second as you already guess - earnings on sport bets.
The legend about successful cappers (professional predictors of sport events) is used for a long time, practically at the same time, as a legend about Forex. But earlier, it wasn't so popular among founders and investors.

Probably in the absence of strong examples or because of that investors less seriously perceive gambling (bets, poker etc.), than trade at various stock exchanges. But recently the tendency sharply changed, and similar projects appeared in increasing frequency. Sometimes HYIP about Forex seems more "original", than "sportinvest".

Why is this happening? The reason is simple. As already was said above there was no serious examples and very few people consider bets as serious tool for investment. This year such example appeared and many investors reconsider this way. This example - Beastinvest (beastinvest) At first sight it is plain site with design of school level. But if to study it's attendance (for example, by means of Alexa) we will see that this site is on 3000 place. Looking at Beastinvest , it is hard to believe in it, but even after strong issues with payments, it remained it's popularity.
What is the secret? Is every sportinvest has same popularity and liftime? First question is difficult enough. But there are some answers:

1. Webinars and reports on real work
2. Connection to development of strong ad teams
3. Founders do not hide their persons

In this project founders regularly held webinars without hiding their faces and accounts. Probably accounts and trade are real, but unfortunately some issues with the payments appeared. Nevertheless, such openness caused trust in people, and many of them became investors. Accordingly, the trust appeared in serious ad teams which started active development of the project.
Having consider strength sides of "The Beast", it become clear why many sportinvests don't have similar popularity. Beastinvest completely is not a classical HYIP we used to see. Popularity is not in a legend but in realization.
From this point you may answer to the second question, about popularity and "survivability" of the other sportinvests. In classical HYIPs such project as Beastinvest, would not survive. And among investors of "The Beast" other sportinvests which don't give to people an openness, feelings of an eternal agiotage won't survive. Therefore, when you are going to invest in a project with sport legend, study the following:


• Whether it is qualitative from point of view of classical HYIPs?
- Design (at least, it should not frighten off and cause inconvenience while using)
- Functional (own or license script, without constant lags and issues, daily payments, good (but not overestimated) referral system, advertizing materials etc.)
- An advertizing campaign (quantity and the price of monitors, development at forums and social networks)

• Whether it is qualitative from point of view of people «from the street»?
- Open information on the company, management and activity
- Constant feedback by means of webinars, videos
- Scale of an advertizing campaign (all kinds of advertizing both on the Internet and offline)

If the project does not have all the aspects, then it has no target audience and the project is doomed. If the project has one of all aspects, it can show excellent service life or close after first issue. Carefully concerned projects who grown too quickly, especially during the termination of sharp growth.

And in the end, some features of qualitative approach to a legend of sportinvests:

1. Sportinvest should work on days off. In bets the most profitable days are days off, as at this time occurred most of all sport events.

2. Statistics of bets. In most cases it will be made up but if the administration is lazy even it to make it - pass by.

3. Not one guru-capper can provide high profit every day without a problem. If the project promise high rate (7% or more) every day, do not stay in such project for a long time. Even at the real activity, smallest issue will destroy the project. Low interests can be support with real activity and simply by method of a financial pyramid.

With skillful approach sportinvest can show excellent lifetime and make profit for many investors. On the one hand a set of identical projects can oppress and irritate potential investors, on the other hand - the more is choice, the more is chances to find something really profitable. Therefore we advise not to ignore such projects and from time to time include them in your investment portfolio.

Легенда про успешных капперов (профессиональных прогнозистов спортивных событий) используется на самом деле очень давно, практически с тех же пор, что и легенда о форексе.

3. Ни один гуру-каппер не сможет обеспечивать высокую прибыль каждый день, без просадок.