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golden-eggsOn June 4th, after the project Gold-Eggs close to the age of 1 year and 3 months - on the main page of the project there was a message from the administration, explaining that three purse project was blocked, and that just a couple of weeks is not enough for the organizers of the project registration as a legal entity.

First I want to say at once that the project worked well and many went into profit thanks to him, even those who registered when the project was six months or more. Was seen a good organization, thoughtful long-term marketing, interesting innovations, timely Tech support and no problems with delays in payments. On this positive ends and now think - why all the same project Gold Eggs closed?

Cause simultaneous blocking wallets, we do not take into account, as from this, the proven project and its administration can be expected at least lock purses evidence (in the form of screenshots), and at least the approximate date of the restoration project work and payments to players (here it is appropriate to use the term player, rather than the investor, since the game was originally built on the principle of so-called "farms", which implicitly attributed to the section on the MLM game nebezysvestnom forum mmgp). So here we see the banal scam. Even though not quite banal, the administration can put a plus sign for the fact that they did not arrange "bablosbornik", ie leave outwardly working project, but receive-only funds. As we know, a lot of projects when they no longer pay, continue to receive funds, "Statistics twist" and doing random payments unfair monitors and "zombie" forums. But we must understand that this is done only for the purpose of leave for the future, when the administration decides to launch a new project, and those who participated in the project Gold-Eggs and went into profit, and there are not enough - again come into the project and will lead for a few friends, acquaintances, strangers with social networks and search engines.

It is clear that the worst of all those who have invested a scam, but because that's how this industry is that no one can predict the closure of the project, in addition to its creators and administrators, though sometimes they do not know when the deficit contributions will begin to eat reserve.

Were prerequisites to the bench? I think so. Almost weekly innovations, changing the rules in profitability hens, store appearance in the so-called "gift" or "anniversary" of hens, a change in the rules in-game stock fund and finally the introduction of commission (disguised under the name Club patrons) - all these are clear prerequisites to ensure that the project soon "to collapse." It's a pity that many involved in the project do not know the simplest rules of participation in HYIP projects and hints on the bench. It seems that if the project had already worked a year, it easily fulfills the second. But this is not always necessary, and even better to say - almost never happens.


Why shut down the project Gold-Eggs. Two points of view.

1. Draft Gold-Eggs "shut down" at a time when the administration has considered that all the juice squeezed from the project, and the inflow of deposits decreased. Accordingly, they close the project at the maximum point of the graph and hiding in an unknown direction. Here fierce grin looks newly introduced festive chicken with money on background of the sea or ocean. Perhaps now the whole team has already flown to Brazil for the World Cup 2014 or any island.

2. Administration has established a certain amount that she would be getting as a commission or s / n or just a certain number of such six zeros, and as soon as the reserve payments began to decrease, picking up the predetermined limits below which has been impossible - project decided to close inventing not very original legend with blocking wallets.

Inclined to the second option and summarizing want to still praise the team, in particular designer for a really cool project, which is not expected, and six months of work.

Alexei, the team

P.S. In project groups Vkontakte and forums there are reports from the administration that the work of the project will soon be restored, that purses soon unlock .. Well, I'll be standing ovation if the project will restore the benefits, but would not have much hope ...