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partizanHYIP-guerrilla is a website without unique design and represents a pattern that has regular script.

Many beginners avoid such «sample HYIPs», consider investments into such projects as a failure. However such opinion does not represent the facts. Some of HYIP-guerrillas, with time, will turn to scale projects and if not to become a legend of HYIPs or break of the year, at least, will be reliable long-livers.

It's not a secret that in most cases HYIPs long-livers offer to investors low interest rates, usually 1 % daily or less. Often similar percent can be seen in a HYIP-guerrilla. "Guerrillas" often does calculations manually, therefore time of payments can take 24 hours or more long period. There is a reasonable question, what can attract a potential investor? Skilled investors already noticed that "guerrilla"-stage can take weeks or even months. Having small capital, it is possible successfully increase balance on your account for this peroid. So you take the body of the deposit, and have at your command earned profit. And when "guerrilla" become a high-grade HYIP you can continue receive percentage without risking your primordial capital.

The basic signs of a HYIP-guerrilla:

- absence of unique design;

- no signs of advertizing and promotion;

- percentage for referrals is from 1 % to 3 %.

What advantages receive admin from "guerrilla" project?

Economy. Cheap hosting, no DDOS-protection and license free script.

Financial stability. Very low interest rates and referral bonuses allow to work with small investments and limited number of participants.

Operating time of reputation. Being "guerrilla"-mode the manager of the project receives necessary reputation, confirm it with stable payments, thereby receive positive responses at thematic forums. After the project left "underground", the upgrade of design and other technical parameters will be made, the manager of a HYIP will receive at once very loyal group of investors and this is difficult today.

What gives a chance to "guerrillas" to pass in - trusted HYIP?

HYIP-guerrillas cannot be from start Scam-projects as "guerrillas" has usually small quantity of investors, deal with small money resources and there are no agiotage from investors around them. All these moments, do not give a chance to the manager to hit the jackpot and close the project.

Often "guerrillas" are trusted HYIPs in which interests of investors and the manager are entangled. Active discussions of the project at forums promote "guerrilla" that in the future can make good profit. From the direction of the manager it is important to provide reliable work a HYIP, timely payments, high-quality technical support etc.

But it is necessary to be attentive, under the pretext of a real HYIP-guerrilla can be so-called «SCAM-project». Real HYIP-guerrilla has at least good design and worthy hosting and cannot offer to investors high interest rates and referral payments. If it is vice versa the manager simply can receive few hundred dollars and close the project!