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past-futureIn this article we will talk about rise of HYIP industry as we know it today. Beside history, probably it will be interesting to you to learn, and to us at least to assume, what is waiting HYIP - projects in the future, how long investment in HYIP will attract people? Let's begin with history.

Development of HYIP - projects on the Internet actually began with the moment as the Internet got spread and appeared first electronic payment systems. Before the Internet there was one the most known person who used principles of work of today's HYIPs, Charlz Ponzi. Let's pass his biography, you can learn about this person from other sources in a World Wide Web.

The first Internet HYIP - monitoring appeared in the beginning of 21 century, accordingly the first HYIP - projects appeared about that time. For the last years, since 2008, the history of HYIP development looks like this:

2008 period of HYIP-surfing development.

2009 popularity of good technical parameters - design, protection, script and functionality of sites.

In 2010 there was a revolution in HYIP-projects. It's not a secret that HYIPs work on constant inflow of beginners a.k.a new investors. The main task of HYIP-founders is to create of qualitative projects which can involve beginners.

In 2010 HYIPs began to grow up like mushrooms, proportionally more people started to contribute to similar projects. As a result huge demand and huge sums of money gone crazy founders of HYIPs and such projects were very quickly closed without having work a few weeks. Though their projects could bring them several times more profit, if they wait a little bit more.

Beginners lost their savings and skilled ones in blossoming of HYIP worked by a principle «Sooner entered - earned more».

Does HYIP have a future? It is difficult to answer to this question, for several years they will exist, but becourse of a large amount of frauds less and less people trust their money to such projects. How long HYIP lives? Every year their liftime become shorter.