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crisis1Where it is favorable to invest money before crisis?

World crisis or crisis of large countries from stability of which the world economy depends, brings in changes in work of investors. This period is very risky in all areas of investment, therefore investors should think where to put money now.

Where to invest money in crisis?

Let's try to figure out, which segments of the market of investments are most stable in the conditions of crisis and which are not.

Bond market and actions.

Purchase of securities, remains one of the stablest variants for investors. Investments in bonds (action) of companies are reliable when an investor qualitatively carried out monitoring of possible growth. Otherwise, risk to lose all your money is very high. In respect of growth the companies of oil and gas sector are most stable. During the period of crisis the price for gas and oil could raise on 10-15 %.

Open-end funds or so-called investment funds.

If you have a brief experience of investment in stock market then for reduction of risks, you should think of possibility of contributions to Open-end funds. Advantage of such funds for not skilled investors, especially in the conditions of crisis, consisted that monitoring and management of your money directly take administration of the fund. For participation in share fund, it is not obligatory to investor to put great sums of money that will give the chance to the investor to divide the capital, and the rest money invest in other segments.

Even professional brokers can't give 100% guarantee in crisis on success in Open-end funds and calculate level of your income. The success depends on high level professionalism of management of particularly chosen fund and use of correct tactics at financial decisions.

There is a way to lower your risks in crisis period. Divide your capital into purchase of shares at once in several funds. Consider that fact that the mid level of profit of Open-end funds is about 50% annually.

Forex. Investments in currency.

The Forex market is astable in crisis. Exchange rates has too big fluctuations. Instability in economy makes investments in any currency unprofitable, as in crisis inflation put itself on the map.

Market of antiques.

As alternative variants of investments is a purchase of antiques. This segment expect experience in an estimation of the object authenticity, abilities to correctly carry out the deal and most important to define expedient sale price of antiques. The average gain of the price for antiquarian subjects in the world market in crisis made 20-25 % that spoke about expediency an investment of money in purchase of antiques.

Market of real estate.

If you wonder about investments for long term, you should consider a variant to invest in real estate. In crisis, the prices for real estate can fall to 50%. Therefore buying real estate be prepared to wait not one year while the prices for real estate again will sharply spread upwards.

crisis2Precious metals.

Investments in precious metals, always were justified. Gold, silver, platinum and other metals really become precious literally in crisis. Be assure that converting of your money in precious metals, will allow not only to get profit in the future, but also to keep the savings in the present.

Deposits in banks.

What for to put up money in bank, after all in crisis it will not give notable profit and can occur on the contrary more likely. Because of inflation placing means for long period is not wise. Besides risk to lose all investments in bank in crisis increases because of the risk of ruin of financial structures, in our case - banks.

If you decided to place money in bank divide the capital into some parts. 50% enclose in national currency, 25% in dollars and 25% in euro. Such scheme of investments minimize possible losses from falling of a course of this or that currency.

However experts do not recommend to purchase currency in the most peak of crisis it can lead to losses. The best variant to buy currency at an early stage of crisis or in the beginning, and then invest in bank.

Investments into HYIP projects.

Investments in HYIP projects are most reliable, not in respect of risks, but in respect of independence of world crisis. In HYIP-projects interest rates remains still in the conditions of crisis and such projects are not influenced by world financial market.