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babosikiHow to earn money on the Internet (online) - 5 real ways.

1. Domain names. Some people earned quite good money purchasing and reselling of good-looking domain names. To search of good domain names use such services as Google Adwords and Wordstat Yandex. Here by keywords you could see what kind of information is the most interesting, and what domain names could have potential for the subsequent resale. But as a rule short words and word combinations in domain names are already busy, therefore it is possible to look for an offline company which is not presented on the Internet yet. For example the domain was sold for more than $200.000 when the Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation decided "to go online". Quite a good price for 3 letters, right?

2. Online survey. A lot of sites offer money for filling online surveys. Here you will not make a lot of money as passage of survey occupy time and payment is symbolic, but nevertheless as the variant in a complex with other ways can bring small daily income.

3. Photostocks. There are services on sale of photos and it is not necessary to be a professional photographer to sell photos. Daily thousand people searching for photos for creation of web sites, brochures, presentations, posters and they are ready to pay for a qualitative photo of certain subjects. As a rule it is "a happy family" or "a girl with money". There are some popular services, for example: IStockPhoto, ShutterStock, Fotolia etc.

4. Sale of unnecessary things. If you are urgently need money just bypass your house in search of unnecessary things, pay attention to each object. You will be surprised what people can buy - old footwear, children's things, books, old household appliances, pieces of furniture and old things. There is such largest site as eBay where you place your things for free. If you want to sell quickly use this:

 а). Make your text look like not the technical specification, but emotional story with the description of pluses and (!) necessarily one or two small minuses it makes the text look more natural. Because if your goods have only pluses - a potential buyer can have a reasonable question - why you decided to sell those goods? It is desirable to specify the reason of sale.

b) Promise to the buyer any small bonus as a gift, for example to a monitor - cleanser, to a TV - indoor antenna etc.

c) A deadline and an appeal to action. Put restriction on terms - specify: "The offer is valid only to **. **. **** Call now!" or "Most likely **** will buy in the nearest time, therefore call right now!"

d) Always specify readiness for the auction. Rather raise the price for 10-20% and specify "Auction", than put the fixed cost.

Also, it is possible to ask neighbors - who can have unnecessary things, but they either don't want or don't know how to advertise. You can suggest selling their things for them for 15-30% of sale.

5. Accomplishment of tasks. I consider that there are two groups of tasks:

a) Low profit like surfing (viewing of pages), reading of e-mail, registration on sites, entry into groups and a subscription to publics in social networks etc.

b) Mid and high profit is accomplishment of individual tasks such as: search for certain information, writing and "rewriting" articles, transfer audio into text, placing of announcements and tasks that demand certain abilities: creation of a site, logo, banner, script, promotion of a site, audit and optimization of a site, creation of audio and video and etc that connected with the Internet and not only. Here you will find many different tasks - Workzilla.