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buratinoGood day readers of our blog. Today we are going to talk about a kind of investors, who are called "Pinocchios". In this article you will learn, how did such a thing appear and what does it mean.

How do you think looks the ideal investor for any HYIP administrator who wants a stable business? Perhaps it's a person, who invest 24/7 the exorbitant amounts of money into the project. Maybe a person who, having passed one lap in the project, takes his deposit and doesn't bother the administration anymore. Or investor who do not disdain reinvesting, but keeps small deposits in projects. In this article we will look at the first type of investors, that are called "Pinocchio".

As you can see, this type of investors got such name for a reason. Frequently, the proper HYIP projects close because of their imprudent actions. Huge investments in projects make every administrator think about SCAM, because they do not want to take responsibility by paying for each deposit.

In some projects, administrators arrange meetings with "Pinocchios" and establish limits on HYIP investment plans. But no one can keep such projects from the multi-accounts. Unfortunately, in most cases, these limits on the amount of deposits does not even exist.

We can review the situation in the figures for the different types of HYIPs. Let's start with the high-yield projects. Their life expectancy often comes to two months, a deposit from $ 1000 to $ 3000 could easily stop their activity, depending on the project state. To shut down a middle-income HYIP  you need to contribute more money. Sometimes it's a few thousand, and sometimes it comes to $ 10,000. Low-income projects, often ready for big investments, but it is not easy to cope with the tens of thousands from a single investor.

Why some people have such a short-sighted behavior? Most often, such a great contribution are made by inexperienced investors who saw a way to easy money, loose their prejudice, investing all their funds in project. Sometimes more experienced investors entered the ranks of "Pinocchios".  Since rarely a HYIP appears, that people welcome a lot and begin to invest the «tons» of money in such projects. Some investors do not know the measures are investing huge amounts of money. In the worst cases, people borrow money, mortgage their property or take out loans in order to multiply their profits. They do not realize that by such contributions they influence the administration, arising the chances of scamming.

If you are an ordinary investor, be careful, investing in projects with "Pinocchios". They can be calculated through the HYIP investment statistics, or you can monitor the project on the topic of investment forums, like MMGP, where people sometimes write about their deposits. If you notice these investors - do not hurry to enter the project, wait a few days, as the admin can scam during this period.

So, our article is coming to an end. Do not be Pinocchio and invest properly with!