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Dear friends, only half a month left until the start of the most profitable season in the HYIP sphere. Today in this article, we will sum up the preliminary results of this summer and discuss our expectations of the fall season.

Although the summer period is considered a slow season, our summer 2016 was rich in flagship among HYIPs, which had been working properly for us till this day. If you want to get the maximum profits in fall, you should fill your investment portfolio with projects that will survive until next season. Therefore, you will get the start of the most investors, who will return from vacation, etc. Now, we will try to help you with the selection of the projects for your investment portfolio.

There are several favorites among all the projects, according to various criteria. Specifically, it is possible to identify such indicators: time, marketing and work of administrators on the advertising.

Let us once select a few top-end projects: Edelweiss5, Coince, Rosoplata. These projects have every opportunity to live up until the autumn, if their administrators want it. Let's discuss each one of them, and then move on the projects with shorter business lifetime.

Such project as Edelweiss5 has been working in low-interest segment from May, hence the workload of the project is very small. Admins combine a weak load with the correct project advertising, thus getting the opportunity to work as long as possible. It’s worth mentioning that administrators actively promote their business in offline by opening the official offices in different cities.

A middle-yield HYIP Coince, which began its work in January, was working successfully during the whole summer season, despite a change of marketing in investors favour in May. Now this project has worked for several full cycles and has a huge traffic, which shows the intent of admin to work on this project for a long time. This project has lots of banners everywhere, a large number of monitoring sites and blogs. In general, Coince is going strong and summer season couldn’t stop it.

Rosoplata project started in early May. From the start, it was clear that the administration has a big budget and will untwist the project to get all the tops among the HYIP. The article in Forbes and other well-known financial blogs deserve a special notice. Rosoplata admins are always happy to arrange various events, tournaments, bonuses for investors. In general, the life of the project in full swing, it is evident from the heap reviews on different social sites and the actual traffic of the project.

Taking into consideration the results of this summer, don’t forget about the various SCAM projects, since this bitter experience allows us to analyze future projects with greater accuracy. Let's list some of the most big-name SCAM projects of this summer.

I guess everyone will agree with the fact that the holidays in May can be attributed to the "dead season" in the HYIP industry. Many projects can not survive the May period, even such giants as ForexKing or Venture Alliance.

Summer has granted no quarter for two huge credit exchanges such as Yabankir and Credex. Although the advertising campaign was working properly, the number of investors was too low to continue the project work.

A Business Angels project also shut down in July. The  Angels marketing system was similar to Venture Alliance, but lived only for 2 months, when the Venture worked for 7 months. In August, we learned about the SCAM project LITEMARI. The news was unexpected, since there were no signs of closure, but on the contrary, the project showed the sustainable development and had a lot of positive reviews.

So, we got through this low season. Further, it will be just more fun, so stay with our monitoring site and wait for new articles. Good luck!