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xpMy experience and advice on investing in HYIPs

We live in the age of information and digital technologies, which opens up a huge range of features, including earnings. Most likely, you also had the idea:

"How to make money online?"

This phrase entered in the search bar of your browser, was the beginning of conversance of an investment in the network. You cannot stop after the first link... The bright advertising, chic slogans, best deals, the most reliable guarantee or one word - HYIP. It’s a great opportunity to earn money, and a pretty good amount of money - I thought.

Unfortunately, time has proved the opposite: you cannot earn money by lying on the couch all the time; you must to make an effort to achieve a positive result.

The first investments

The first investment as a pancake came out lumpy. My choice of the project was based on profitability, because I did not understand the essence of what is happening in the HYIP industry. I just chose the project with higher payments. I used only Google in search of a suitable HYIP project; the search bar sent me over the profitable sites. I registered, held the breath, enlarged the balance and here we go ... I loved to monitor my account in the project, because the numbers was growing, as well as incomes. I smiled to the thought of financial satisfaction. Imagine what a surprise it was when I have not received the payments for more than a week. A message from the tech support did not leave any hope: "reserve is empty, the project is closed."

After some time, recovered from the losses, I set off again, after the reading about the basics of investment in the Internet. A legendary HYIP, positioning itself as a company asset management, trading on the Forex market became another tool for my earnings. Before signing up, I was just watching the project over a month, reading the articles and topics on the forums, watching the developments. This company had positive feedback, stable operation for more than a year. Waiting does not make sense. Despite the negative experience of the first project, I made a big deposit, which enables the monthly increase of capital by consistently receiving the payment of accrued interest. During six months I withdrew half of the income and left the other half on deposit growth. Thus, the balance in the project has doubled. Close to eight months, the fear of losing a considerable sum gave me no peace. I collected all the money, ordered and received the last payment at the project. After my quit, the project has lived four months.

Investing today

For today, I see the investment in HYIP as a gamble rather than a source of income. I had only two stable low interest HYIP and three-five fasts (depends on the amount of available funds) in my investment portfolio. For several years, I have read more than a hundred articles on the subject of investment in the Internet, viewed thousands of messages in the forums, studied the work of monitoring and, most importantly, received enormous experience and developed a list of five rules which I’ve used till this day:

Rule one

Do not be naive and believe in fairy tales about the super-mining companies and fantastic traders. All HYIPs are pyramid schemes and their term of life depends only on new deposits.

Rule two

It is necessary to overcome your own greed. Get a profit, fix an income and go to a new project. Reinvesting is categorically undesirable, especially in the “fast” projects.

Rule Three

It is necessary to protect your investments, to minimize the risk. Cash distribution on several projects with different marketing plans will help you to avoid serious losses.

Rule Four

Create an overall picture of the site. Study the project, reviews, design, legend, marketing, affiliate program, the domain registration, and the server on which the project is located. Thus, you will check the reliability of the project.

Rule Five

Invest in HYIP funds that you can afford to lose and the loss of which will not affect you. I strongly recommend you not to invest the borrowed or credit money.

It is worth remembering

Ordinary investors just increase the capital - a HYIP admin earns.

Igor Kravets (c)