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zp-620x264Selective payments

We all know that HYIPs have the status: paying or not paying. But there is a third option, which newcomers of investment projects are not even aware of. Seasoned investors called it - selective. It's a type of payments under which the project makes an illusion of proper work. Selective in investment fund is regarded as a signal to the inevitably approaching SCAM.

Why paying not for everyone?

You can ask, why HYIP administrators complicate your life by choosing a particular participants to pay? The answer is simple - the greed of admins and the ability to pocket investors' money as much as possible plays the important role. The purpose of selective - to keep a reserve, trying to increase it by new investments through resorting to all sorts of tricks and stratagems. Subsequent payments are made by a manual and tested under the thorough control of the administrator.

Consider a few basic options for selective payments:

Payments to monitoring only

Investment fund scam, ordinary investors do not receive payment, but HYIP pays to monitoring. Monitoring administration receives payment, and continues to publish the status "paying" for the scam project. A new player, see the status and, due to his inexperience, invest in a losing project. A similar situation can be found on the monitoring, which does not value their reputation, because their main goal - to make money.

Payments to public figures only486826

Investment fund scam, ordinary investors do not receive payment, but HYIP pays to monitoring, bloggers, influential participants and all investors logins or purses of which are known to the project administration. Thus, it seems that HYIP works fine, though, it does not pay to beginners. Taking into account the feedback from experienced investors the HYIP administrator can build up a good bank for 2-3 days before the full closure of the project.

Payments to ordinary investors only

In fact, the investment fund scam, big investors do not receive payments, but HYIP pays to participants with small contributions. The project works in normal mode, everyone gets the payments except ones with an impressive deposit sum. The administration block, remove, or simply ceases to make payments to such parties. The big players rarely joins the project, and their complaints and feedbacks are lost in the mass of positive ones, allowing HYIPs to work and to attract unsuspecting investors.

Detected selective

If you have seen any form of selectivity, help to debunk it. Leave a review or comment on the monitoring, blog, forum. Do not be indifferent and the next time you will get the same help.

Small lifehack

If you register under logins resembling any information-investment services (eg: monitorhyip, investorblog, etc.), it is likely to come under the criterion of a public person and in this case you will probably receive the selective payments.