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ratingRating of HYIP projects is an investment tool that helps potential investors to choose the most worthy and promising HYIP Program.
What we can get from the HYIP rating?

New investment projects appear almost every day, so the fear to get to an inoperative program is normal for every HYIP investor. Especially it is hard for novice investors, because to choose a decent high-yield investment program among the abundance of investment funds on the monitors, forums and various blogs is quite difficult in this situation. In this article we will look at what is the HYIP rating, its specificity of work and whether or not to trust the information provided in the rating of HYIP projects.

Rating of HYIP projects: what is it?

Before you invest in a HYIP, it is necessary to ensure its reliability and ability to pay. One of the tools that is designed to help you - rating of HYIP projects. At various HYIP monitoring can be found rating of HYIPs 2016 which will be presented a list of existing projects, as well as their status in relation to investors.
Often novice investors fall for the trick, when high-yield investment program doesn’t pay any more, but at the same time it’s listed on the monitor as working one. Investors continue to invest, and in the near future the project is simply closed, having collected a decent amount of money.
Places in HYIP rating are listed on the popularity of investment funds among visitors. The higher the HYIP is in the list of the ranking, the more it is considered visited. The HYIP project should have angular banner status and show visits for the current day to be listed in the rating as a financially reliable HYIP. If any one visit is not registered, high-yield investment program is removed from the rankings. Fraudulent projects are also removed from the HYIP rating.

The procedure for appointing the status to the project in the HYIP rating

Particular attention should be paid to the way in which HYIP rating puts the status to projects. For example, the owner of HYIP launched a new project, and he needs investors. Rating of HYIP programs in which his site is located with the status of "reliable" - one of the methods to attract them. The owner finds a reputable rating and follows the certain pattern:
- He pays to monitor a certain amount, for example $ 100;
- Monitor puts the money in his project, let’s say for 10 days;
- At the end of the term the monitor gets $ 120, $ 20 of which is the profit of ranking, while the remaining $100 returns back to the project.
Thus, all arranged on mutually beneficial terms.
By studying and analyzing the high-yield investment program in the ranking, it should be remembered about the requirements to be met by the investment fund, calculated on the profit and long-term work. At a minimum, the project must have:
- License script;
- Certificate of safety;
- A unique design;
- Quality hosting;
- DDoS protection.
When at least one of these requirements is not met, a potential investor must have doubts about the advisability of investing in such a project.

Can we trust to the ratings of HYIP projectsrating2

In 99% of HYIP monitors you can see the columns with the Top HYIP on the profitability of projects, timing of the work, etc. However, it’s not recommended to fully trust this information, as most monitors are adjusted for admins, not for depositors. Looking the rating of HYIP project, you shouldn’t immediately invest in these programs. Firstly type in the search line a particular HYIP and perform its technical analysis. Also read the information about the fund on various investment areas, mingle with more experienced HYIP investors, and only then make a decision about the advisability of investing in some high-yield investment program.
Conscientious HYIP monitors and other services, which are placed HYIP rating, must regularly update the information. Therefore, we recommend watching for your favorite investment resources, to assess their performance on changes in certain projects that are represented in the ranking of HYIP. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions to administrators of HYIP monitors, who are placed all sorts of ratings, because the support of visitors - a significant part of work of high-quality blogs and monitoring sites.
Worth to remember that there is always an investment risk. The success of your investment activity will depend on your efforts and time spent on a thorough analysis of HYIP projects.