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referalnSooner or later, all participants of HYIP projects are wondering "where can we get referrals?" This happens, mostly, due to human’s greed, because when you get high interest rates on deposits you quickly get used to them and want to get even more. For this purpose you need either to invest more and risk to lose more money, or to attract partners in the project, for whose contributions you will receive reward.

Ordinary HYIP users often don’t know how to make an offer to persuade people enter this or that project. In most of the cases the actions are quite simple and not so effective: spam mails, social networking communities or private messages with referral link. It’s customary for beginners who think they know what they are doing and how to attract people - but, alas, that’s not the case.

Also in the process of referral inviting there is some stupidity - the majority of people simply don’t know what they are dealing with, and after receiving of a small (or large) income, they begin to invite relatives and friends, having no notion of actual state of things. That goes from ignorance of the person that cannot give an adequate assessment of the project and its currently stage: closing or promotion. People, blinded by "freebie", lose their heads and lead the same ignorant people to the slaughter of prescams and then lose not only money but also close friends.

Of course, there are people who earn good money on inviting of referrals. In fact, it’s a person-advertising, for some remuneration or share in the project a professional will invite to the project more than one hundred people. It's not all as easy as it sounds. Such people have a reputation that was built up for one year and only one mistake, one wrong project can destroy this reputation. Professional referral inviter always careful in selecting the project that you want to advertise, since it values its reputation and the people who follow him. Here the method works: the more referrals earn – the more earns referral inviter.

A separate contingent of the MLM - butchers. Why butchers? - They do not care where and for what period of the project to call people. They simply do not care about those partners who were invited. The main goal for them is to cut off as much money from gullible people as they can in a short time. Such people never instruct their partners, considering it a waste of time, because as soon as you have made contribution they have already received all that was needed.

Sometimes investors’ teams can be found on the Internet. The number of participants in teams ranging from a couple of people to a few hundred, or even more. The team usually has a leader (don’t confused with referral inviter) which has developed and expanded this team from the very beginning, who was teaching his people. These people go to the project togehter, the team always follow their leader. In this case, the projects are selected more carefully and gently, and often the team is going into the project only after the leader went directly to the administrator of the project.

So why network marketing? The answer is in the above methods of inviting of referrals, that comes down to one thing - people learn about projects from the people, and advertise it to other people, some of them build networks (invite referrals, as well as create a team), this methods is lies at the basis of network marketing.

Remember, when you call people in this or that project - you take responsibility for them, especially if it's a beginner. Managing people's money (offering to make contributions), you, in fact, control the human life - because now it’s very difficult to survive without money. If you take up this difficult matter - work on reputation - and referrals will come themselves, teach your referrals - and they will invite more people, build a team and you will achieve great results. After all, this saying is true "One head is good, two is even better."