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howtomlmThe direction of the MLM games is very popular among the HYIP projects. They are frequently attended, usually because of interesting and high-yield investment plans. Let’s examine in more detail what they look like.

MLM game is not a HYIP in the usual sense. The thing is that the MLM game has no legend unlike standard HYIP. Thus, the administration of the project does not write about what the company does, and how it earns profits. Instead, only the investment plans are specified, and in some cases it is directly indicated that the project is a pyramid scheme, where and you can lose all the money.

MLM-games can be of different types. Primarily they differ by the payment type. There are projects that pay money every hour (hourly workers). They are very popular, due to the pretty feeling of getting money to the wallet with the frequency of 24 times a day. Moreover, these hourly payouts reduce the load on the project, because the amount of payments is small and represent a small percentage of the initial deposit.

In addition to the hourly workers, there are projects that accrue funds once a day (2 days, 5 days, and so on). They have two possible types of payments. The first - including the contribution body in payments, and the second - when the initial deposit will be returned at the end of the investment period. The first type is more suitable for investors, because of reduced risk of all funds loss. The participant receives equal amounts of his deposit every day, and can withdraw them. Even if the administrator closes the project, part of the money will be returned to the investor. Participant of HYIP can get nothing at all upon deposit payments at the end of the investment term, because at the time of payment of the main deposit sum, administrator can just close the project.

Another popular type of MLM games is “waiting lines”. Their main idea is that the participant that made a contribution receives payment immediately after someone else has made a new contribution. All payments are made in the order of arrival (those, who had previously invested, are the first in the queue). Making money in such projects is possible only if you will be one of the first contributors. Then the queue grows, and the payment of deposits may lasts for months instead of several hours. This fact only discourages new investors, and all the queue will fall completely. Therefore, to date, administrators less often use this type of MLM game.

Another type of MLM games are doublers. It's simple - you put a certain amount and get twice as much. The main feature of these projects is that the amount is doubled for a very quick period from one hour to two days. If you competently enter such a project, you can earn quite a lot of money, but also the risk of losing money, of course, disproportionately higher than in usual HYIP, where the amount can double for 2-3 months.

MLM games also have a «perpetual motion», which simply cannot fail theoretically (depends on the integrity of the admins). This is a different kind of matrix, and the referral chains. You can earn only if you are actively inviting new participants in the project, and they in turn will invite others. Thus, your chain will grow, and you will constantly earn from its structure, but only if there is a stable influx of new people. Income falls only when the inflow stops, but the system usually prevents all participants that to make profit in this project you need to invite new people.

So we unscrambled the major types of MLM games. To participate in them or not - it's up to you, but if you will dare, choose a project type that best fits your character and finances. We wish you success in investing.