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geogra“Walking” in the world of HYIP industry, sooner or later everyone finds the alexarank site, which shows the statistics of the participants by countries. It's no secret that the majority of hypers comes from the CIS countries. But what is the reason? Let’s hunt down the question.

First of all, let’s compare living standards of the CIS countries and “bourgeois” countries. I think, it figures that the "bourgeois" have a decent standard of living and other benefits in terms of insurance, social package and other things. And what have the inhabitants of the CIS countries? Taxes, low wages, and even unemployment. And let's be honest - Russian people love a freebee. And where else can you find so many "freebee" as not in HYIP, right?

An important factor for investors - is the project entry threshold. You can start your "online business" in the HYIP industry with very small amounts of money. With the right approach you can make $100 from $10 or even more. Will the inhabitants of the CIS countries build a business with $10 in real life?


The currency, in which interest of the plans is paid, plays an important role. In the majority of projects - it is dollars. The dollar attracts most of the people from Ukraine, Russia, where at the moment the crisis, unemployment and sanctions are thriving. The exchange rate is volatile now, devaluing the currency of these countries.

Consider an example. The average citizen of the CIS receives a salary of around 2500 UAH (at the rate 8 UAH = 312 USD) or 10,000 RUB, and for this sum a person must work tirelessly for a month. And what happened to the income of such a person after the plummeting of exchange rates? That's right, the income become is only some hundred dollars with penny.

The crisis in the countries pushes people to search for alternative ways of income and tempting offers in HYIPs attract people to quickly increase their money, sometimes even by several times.

Here it becomes obvious why the most investors of HYIP industry are from the CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia). People are simply looking for extra income, and the easiest extra income can only be obtained in HYIP.

But remember that the money - just a tool. Invest wisely, and only then you can earn!

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