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take-my-money"Try your luck" or refback over9000%

Sooner or later every newcomer of HYIP industry faces with such a concept as "refback". But what does this word mean? I'll try to explain in simple terms below.

Every project (almost with no exception) gives its participants the partner reward for invitation of a new member, which makes a deposit. For example, you invited Bob to the project with the affiliate program at 3% of the deposit. If Bob invests $ 10, you will get 30 cents. If you sign up through the site "monitoring" and invest money to the project, you can always order the return of the partnership interest through monitoring, and in most cases - even to get a bonus, thus you can quickly achieve good results.

over9000But what's the point? Why monitoring sites return the partnership interests, and some even promise to pay 9000%? The explanation is simple - the project manager pays to the monitoring sites for advertising: the more registrations are going via the monitoring website, the more efficient and more popular it becomes, and thus, more and more admins will go exactly to this monitoring site for the advert. That’s why such a thing as "refback" was invented and some more related bonuses. The monitoring administrators are not fools. Who will operate at a loss? That's right – no one.

When you order a refback, always read the "Rules and Terms" of this bonus, because sometimes you can find useful numbers and other important information. For example, the monitor may pay you a higher refback of 120-130% for the first deposit, and for subsequent deposits you will receive only 90% or 80% of the referral. Thus, by simple manipulations the monitoring regains the sum of bonus for your first deposit and gradually begins to earn on your further deposits.

Some monitoring sites promise the refback of 1500%, or even more. But how such interest is possible? Let’s take a look: for example a project pays 3% of referral deposit, from 10 dollars it is 30 cents, and monitor site promises to increase this sum by 1,500%. If you will count on a calculator 0.3 * 1500% you will see a figure - 4.5 dollars, but don’t get exited too soon - you will not get such a sum. The thing is that those 1500% are paid not for 30 cents of refback, but for every 10 cents of referral received from the project. Thus, 0.1 * 1500% = 1.5 dollars. That is a simple way of misleading the newcomers of HYIP projects.

But time does not stand still and the fight for advertising projects, too. Such manipulations are becoming less popular, as people gain experience and go where they will get more "tasty" and interesting offers.

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