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upMany people, who wish to start investing in HYIP industry, often wonder: "What is the starting amount?" There is no decisive answer, but it always seems that the more you contribute, the more you get. Experienced investors advise: "Begin with the money that you can afford to lose." Frankly speaking, this advice is annoying, since it can be given only by losers or beginners, who have read mathematical economics, but are dense about HYIPs, and those, who like "smart" phrases.

What if the person has only $10? What can he do? Being left with nothing or staying with your own $10 without risking – are equally scary situations.

I decided to create a marathon "Onward and Upward, or Adventures of Tenner", the aim of which were to increase the initial investment amount of $10 by five times. The tools of achieving the objectives were identified as the following: projects taken from the monitor Invest and its partners, ordered refback + bonus for review.

Having defined the goals and methods, I started to take actions, in parallel covering everything I do on the monitor Invest forum. At first it was easy, because I knew exactly where to invest my money – the sensational for the whole HYIP industry "Startup Exchange" was working at that time.

For one week I already raised my $10 up to $27. But as we all know: good things come in small packs – the Startup Exchange had closed and I had to look for alternatives. For me it were one-day fast projects, where the main tactic of work was very simple - to invest the entire sum, than take away profit + refback and swan off the project, or in common "hit and run".

Thus, after increasing the amount up to $49 with penny, I decided to stick to the “partisan” Bitc-trade. It was a bit anxiously and risky, because the plan of the project amounted to 2.5% daily for 2 months - "Partizan" could simply not survive until the end of the deposit. I cannot describe the joy, when the chosen project has worked excellently and the invested amount nearly doubled!

By start of June, my tenner has grown, become confident, increased in an amount in excess of $100! I cannot disagree that my experience in HYIPs has played a major role, because without knowing the rules of the game in a particular project, you can quickly lose.

After a month of testing and trying, I understood an important thing: it does not matter with what amount you start - it is only important how you do this, you should work with your mind and not rush into the first project with bright flashing images.

For newcomers I want to say the following: "Do not start work in HYIP with large amounts of money - start from small, from the bottom. Only having experienced the very bottom in HYIP, you will be able to “soar high”, earning large amounts".

Yours faithfully (c) Wanderlust.