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In this article we will talk about such concept as "HYIPer's Diary": what it is, what it is for, and what nuances should be considered.

As a rule, the diary of a HYIPer calls a separate branch on a blog or a site where the HYIPer (the investor who invests in HYIPs), record statistics of deposits into different investment projects, and payments from them. Thus, at the end of a certain period he sums up the results.

It becomes for various reasons. One of them is that the investor record statistics purely for himself, for an assessment of the activity, and for further conclusions. And on the blog he places all this in order that people from outside saw, and prompt any advices (a peculiar platform for discussions). But it is minority. As a rule, it is an inexperienced HYIPer who seeks for help.

Skilled HYIPer also keep diaries, and do it for a number of reasons. First, it is earnings on partner programs of HYIP. Visitors visit the website of a HYIPer, see in what projects he makes investments, and follow him through his referral link. And he draws profit from their deposits. Huge role plays statistics of HYIPer. The more money he earns monthly on deposits, the bigger number of people will reach for him. And with reputation at thematic forums he can build huge partner networks, and earn, even without depositing in projects.

Now many people keep diaries for attendance of their sites to earn more on advertizing published on the website or for sale of any other types of service. From responses of many HYIP-resources, their statistics sharply rose when there appeared good diary.

One more reason to keep a diary is simply support of a project with money. The investor that keeps a diary invest money in system, and of course directly interested in long and steadily work. For this purpose he describes in the diary project's data and pumps up it with money of investors who read his blog. Here also can be unfair work of bloggers as he can advertize his HYIP or his friend.

Let's see, what structure of this diary? Someone add news every week or every day. Depends on type of a project. If it is Fast, here it makes sense to write daily news, if mid- or low-yield, once a week is quite enough.

HYIPer writes first of all about in what projects he invested means and why chose these projects for investments. Then, due succession of events, he spreads the screenshots about payments, and analyzes the current situation in the project: whether it is worth holding money further, to do reinvest, or withdraw a body, and play only with profit, estimates reviews of the project at thematic forums.

And of course at the end of a certain term (week, month, year), the HYIPer sums up the results of the activity. Whether was this period for plus or minus? By what factors? What new trends appeared for this period? And so on.

In general, the diary of a HYIPer is very useful occupation which cultivates self-discipline, and helps to earn additional money. We wish you success and patience if you decided to devote a diary some time.