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filterFor certain, you already know necessary information how to behave within HYIP-industry if you are a beginner. Really, there is enough material about that, everything is already stated and does not represent a secret.

But how to be, if you are not a beginner any more, but also obviously not a pro (it is good if you reached it before killing in HYIPs one or another thousand of dollars). Here it is already less articles and reasonings and we will try to fill this, not less important niche.

For a start it would be desirable to note that small availability of material on training old resident in knowledge of a choice of a suitable HYIP and how in this niche professionals and more skilled players work, has nothing in common with laziness of writers or privacy of information. All the matter is that such level of investment and elimination of shit HYIPs has no sample character and here it is impossible as according to the instruction to describe all actions step by step. Each situation is really unique and each trifle is important.filter

First of all it is important for you to know that in such option the usual superficial analysis of a project does not approach well in any way. All these Alexa or other portals with statistics can can be helpful for beginners, but believe me, they are practically not necessary for professionals absolutely. Here throw out standard checks on excellent design and even, oh, my God, marketing. The only thing that else can serve as a beacon at a choice is a technical characteristics of the project. How it is protected, what script and in general - as the administration was prepared for various attacks and as it uses and realizes the functionality.

So, as we already told above - HYIP for professionals, it is a game of subtleties and here each trifle and each step aside means something. Let's give a small example. Let's say the project and pleased you and you want to make a deposit. But you notice that the topic, say, on mmgp is not active, and in more detailed analysis it is obvious that all activity is conducted by, so-called, paidposters. The beginner may not notice and assume that the project gains steam, but for old man it means the opposite - no activity in the project and everything that is, is paid. Such project for professionals is dead.

It follows that for your professional skill is important to know a certain group of people. There are a lot of people at forums who work only through someone else's money, but they do not develop the project at all and are not interested in it. If you have wide information on such categories, all movement around HYIP for you will be more intelligent and clear.

Summing up, the first - is your knowledge of different terms, different situations and that administrators of various HYIP can do. The second main criterion - is an existence of sources of information or "inside". "Inside" is nearly main criterion of an assessment and making decision on an investment for skilled investors. The majority of refbringers with "reputation" work generally through inside information. The more you have such sources - the more reliable and richer you are. Contact to old residents of a forum, communicate with eminent refbringer and establish relation with various administrators of projects. The last is a hard stuff, because you will need to provide something that he will be able to appreciate. But if you do - it is a jackpot! In such situation, your contribution will be under reliable protection, and the administrator will constantly share information on the real intentions and affairs in the project. It is the highest league in the HYIP-industry.