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scamAll Together [ENG-RU-ID] - High Yield
alltogether Start: 20.04.15 Ref. comission20% Min deposit: 40$
Lifetime: Safety: SSL, DDOS
Max deposit: 1200$
Our investment: 40$ Withdrawal: every 1-st, 11-th и 21-st of a month Payments: instant


Payment systems:
Status on other sites: allhyipmon

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Hot to register:

1. Specify your phone number (you'll get SMS with code), e-mail and pssword.
2. In your cabinet upload your photo with "Victory". Put your data and social network (VK or Facebook). Important that your data and data in social network were the same.
3. Choose payment system(s).
4. Send your data for verification (don't forget to friend project's representative in social network)

After verification:

1. Go to "My quotas", choose one or some quotas and push "Buy" (chosen amount of quotas will be Orange).
2. Then you wait for requests to Give help (about 24 hours).
3. Right after you get it you have to pay it in next 24 hours otherwise your account can be BLOCKED.
4. You have to transfer necessary amount to account that hidden in a button. Do the payment and make a screenshot (you can do it by means of Lightshot).
5. Push green check mark and upload your screenshot.
6. After payment verification paid qoutas will be Green.

If you did not transferred funds during 24 hours, your account will be blocked automatically without a right to restore.

Screenshot 2alltog 


Moderator 2015-05-27 21:41
Выплата с проекта:

05.27.15 13:05 Account Receive +40.04 Received Payment 40.04 USD from account U7736091 to account U4731311. Batch: 90528563. Alltogether
Moderator 2015-05-21 22:07
Выплата с проекта:

05.21.15 10:35 Account Receive +40.08 Received Payment 40.08 USD from account U8548739 to account U4731311. Batch: 90075178. Memo: № P34694861 Alltogether
Dominika 2015-05-15 12:59
05.15.15 10:10 Account Receive +40.29 Received Payment 40.29 USD from account U3482333 to account U704***. Batch: 89605251. Memo: от Блажевич
Dominika 2015-05-15 09:29
05.15.15 03:07 Account Receive +40.21 Received Payment 40.21 USD from account U7825439 to account U704****. Batch: 89587720. Memo: № P34689961
Moderator 2015-05-14 21:20
Выплата с проекта:

05.14.15 09:51 Account Receive +40.19 Received Payment 40.19 USD from account U1979052 to account U4731311. Batch: 89522957. All Together
Dominika 2015-05-13 19:48
05.13.15 18:18 Account Receive +40.21 Received Payment 40.21 USD from account U8475757 to account U704****. Batch: 89478494. Memo: Za dolju
Dominika 2015-05-12 18:20
05.12.15 14:49 Account Receive +40.04 Received Payment 40.04 USD from account U2514022 to account U704****. Batch: 89373566.
Dominika 2015-05-12 14:33
05.12.15 07:28 Account Receive +40.00 Received Payment 40.00 USD from account U7392142 to account U704***. Batch: 89339882. Memo: от колтунова u7392142 подтвердите
Dominika 2015-05-07 16:22
05.07.15 13:57 Account Receive +40.16 Received Payment 40.16 USD from account U8028240 to account U704**. Batch: 88993904. Memo: № P34687199