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scamnew-iconMetal-Invest [RU] - Mid Yield
Metalinvest Start: 1.05.14 Ref comission: 5-3-1% Min deposit: 10€
Lifetime: Safety: SSL, DDOS Max deposit: ∞
Our investment: 36€ Withdrawal: after term of deposit Payments: manual


14% in month 
2. 30% in month 
3. 46% in month 

Payment systems:

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 Welcome to our project! Our work lies in the non-ferrous metals trade. We work with three of the trader, providing project profit. Initially, our goal is to maximize profits stable. We're not going to promise their depositors "golden mountains", carefree life and other illusions. All that we can do - is supplying stable, small profits within the 0.5 to 1.5% per day. As well, we will not lie to their customers, citing years of experience. Our project is pre-tested since the beginning of 2014. Throughout the test period, the figures were quite satisfactory. In this regard, the project was officially launched.

As well, we offer a standard three tier referral system 5-2-1%. Charges are made at the end of the contribution of referral.

In general, we are committed to a stable, long-term cooperation with our investors, and we will try to maximize the quality of our services. Have a good investment!


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