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scamUp-In-Time [ENG-RU] - Mid Yield
up-in-time Start: 10.04.16 Ref. comission: 7% Min deposit: 1$
Lifetime: Safety: Verif. PM, SSL, DDoS Max deposit:
Our investment: 200$ Withdrawal: anytime Payments: manual

1. 25-29%

Payment systems:

Status on other sites: allhyipmon

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Moderator 2016-04-10 19:11
Наш депозит(листинг ):

04.10.16 16:46 Account Transfer -200.00 Sent Payment: 200.00 USD to account U11909666 from U4731311. Batch: 127649770. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Now you are with Up-In-Time!.