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Greetings. Please introduce yourself and tell about your duty in TAL project?

Hello Dear Pavel and Our Readers, I am really glad to answer your questions for the interview. First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Charles Murphy, I am 38 years old and yes, I am main
Administrator of Trading Alliance Limited company. I was then approached to help Forex brokers establish their brand which was a white label of London. Some of them grew to be the 5th biggest player in the UK in 2 years and was extremely successful while a large team of developers worked on the that was to become LMAX where I found my team.

Is it your first project or you already have experience in high yield investment projects?

We have a great experience in Hyip market with long term programs so it's a good opportunity for investors to choose genuine Company with professional management. Trading Alliance Limited it’s a one of the best investment opportunity in the web.

How you got an idea to create the project. What was the start ?

As I said before it’s not our first experience, so that a basic mission to provide excellent services within a really long time.

Tell us about your crew, how many people work over the project and their duties, how you hire them?

Our team consist with 10 person, each of us is an expert of the business so we work smoothly and efficiently. Our professional relations developed over many years, so I can only “Welcome” our cooperation within a really long time.

Your project use 4 different payment systems. What was the reason to choose it?

We accept Perfect Money, Egopay, and Bitcoin as well. The most popular payment processor is Perfect Money. Sure, Perfect Money is oldest payment processor in the industry, also Bitcoin becoming popular day by day so it’s really great. Now we can see the following picture about payment systems for Trading Alliance Limited Perfect Money – 35%, Egopay – 15% , Payeer – 20%, Bitcoin – 30%. 
We will analyze these trends in the future.

Tell our readers about your investment plans how they develop and
what strategy you adher to work it out?

We absolutely sure that "each our client is unique for us & each investment plan must be unique" . We have variable investment packages for our clients so you can earn from small percentage if you want to invest to “After 1 Day Plan” and up to 4500% After 60 Days. Your principal is include to your profit in all investment plans. he percentage of your earnings is depending from the amount of deposit, so if you invest from $10 to $4000 you will earn from 102.40% in “After 1 Day plan” and up to 145% in plan “After 15 Days”

How many traders work in TAL company on each of directions, for example such as Forex or cryptocurrency market?

For now we have three regular traders for Forex market and four for Cryptocurrency market.

2014 is the year when Bitcoin receive huge popularity. However in some countries Bitcoin is forbidden and course of this currency was spasmodic enough. There were many rumors that Bitcoin died and lost it's popularity. Is this true?

I think that Bitcoin still not acquired real popularity, the real success bitcoin waiting in a few years when every person can use it. What about forbidden in few Countries so it is not a Bitcoin problem, namely those countries who do not want to accept these and continue to live in the past.

Many our investors interested in your partner program. What is the reason of your rates, after all in many similar projects average is 5-8?

Sure, our company pays the affiliate commission to those investors, who have their referrals, from its part of profit. We offer a multilevel referral program, which consists of three levels. At the first level you'll get 2% of the deposit amount, which was invested by your referral. Then, if your referral has his/her own referral, who also made a deposit, you'll get another 1% and 0.5% for third level. Multilevel referral program is a great possibility to earn more money by attracting new clients. But, we can’t provide 8% Referral commission because we have “After 1 Day” plan. Also,for our representatives we have additional 5% commission for huge deposits (More than $1,000.00)

And certainly we could not bypass a technical aspect of the project, how you protect your data?

As befits a good investment program we have a wide range of security, performance and many other options for provide excellent services to every our client. We have a powerful server with DDoS protection, to safely connect to the encryption method we use Comodo SSL-Encryption. For our Program we are using latest version of GoldCoders licensed script. As I Said before, Our team consists of the best professionals so we can guarantee the effective and fruitful work of our company for a really long time.

Do you have updates in plans, if yes what it would be? 

For now we haven’t any updates in plans, Maybe some later we will correct minimal amounts for investing.

What about other languages?

For now we are using English language in our platform. We will add more languages within a 2-3 month.

Do you have any thoughts about development of the HYIP industry, what tendencies in your opinion will become more and more popular?

We can see some additional activities in this autumn, so I think will be very interesting to operate for long term period. We have long departed from that loss Liberty Reserve, We look forward dominated alternative currencies like Bitcoin. Not only is such a business risk/reward analysis well worth doing, but it makes up an important part of your trading business plan that would ideally be created before you even make your first investment. Many potential investors will want to see how long we can work so that can help them assess whether your trust management stands a good chance of success for the risk you will be taking.

In the end some words or wishes to our readers.

We have a great potential so we will try to work as long as possible, I've always been a good opinion about your blog and monitor so I wish you a lot of readers and more stable programs for Investors. Also don’t hesitate to contact us via your proposal for developing our Company Let’s make Trading Alliance Limited better together. Thank you for this great opportunity.

Questions: Pavel K,
Answers: Charles Murphy, main administrator of Trading Alliance Limited