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Hello, please, introduce yourself and tell us about your work in ForexGHQ project?

Hello Alex and our Readers!
My name is Evans Daniel Stephen, I am main Administrator of ForexGHQ. I am really pleased to answer your questions. So, ForexGHQ it’s a progressive trust management Company with modern investing platform. In this interview I will talk more about our Program and plans for the future.

How long you've been working in HYIP, what experience do you have, we would like to know about background side of ForexGHQ, namely - how many people in your crew and what part they are take?

We have a positive experience in Hyip market with Medium term programs so it's a good opportunity for investors to сhoose genuine Company with professional management. ForexGHQ it’s a one of the best investment opportunity in the web. Our team consist with 8 person, each of us is an expert of the business so we work smoothly and efficiently.

Name of your project is ForexGHQ. I assume last two letters in the abbreviation stands for "High Quality", right? And if that's so, what the letter "G" means?

Yes, our Company called ForexGHQ where is G –“Grade”, HQ - "High Quality". We are trying to make every effort to confirm the name of the company in practice.

We noticed that Russian-speaking investment space accepted your project well. Are you planning to realize multilinguality, if yes what languages?

We will add more languages for our Live Support chat and phone support service for Asian and Russian region. Also we will add representative system so you will find representative in your county or who speak in your language.

For today term of life of your project is almost 5 months and steadily come near to a mark in half a year. How you estimate work of the project, prospect of development and whether there will be any innovations for investors?

As you know we have a great experience in the Hyip market area, so we have a few strategies for long term operating. For protect our investors from unauthorized access and hackers we are using Koddos server for many years, also we known that Instant payouts is more risky, so we don’t use instant withdrawals for a security reasons. Every withdrawal request will be analyzed by our operator so we will check any changes in Email or User’s ewallet information. We will try to provide a really safety system for our investors.

As we known each investor has preferences, someone take part in superprofitable programs, someone on the contrary choose less profitable, but more stable projects. What category of investors your
project can attract?

We have a medium term program. We are trying to provide best services for our clients in long term perspective. Many of our happy clients ask us “How long you will work?” I can tell you that our main mission is stable work for a really long time.

Please, tell us about methods of safety you use.

As befits a good investment program we have a wide range of security, performance and many other options for provide excellent services to every our client. We have a powerful server with DDoS protection, to safely connect to the encryption method we use Comodo SSL-Encryption. For our Program we are using latest version of GoldCoders licensed script. As I Said before, Our team consists of the best professionals so we can guarantee the effective and fruitful work of our company for a really long time.

At present you work with these payment systems - Perfect Money, Payeer, EgoPay and Bitcoin. What is the reason? Do you have in plans to enlarge the list?

As you know the most popular payment processor in the industry it’s Perfect Money, but I can tell you that many of our clients trying to use Egopay, so it’s a more popular payment processor for ForexGHQ. Also it’s an really easy use for many people who want to start investing imideatelly. From 1th of April we stopped accept SolidTrustPay for a personal reasons. From April 24, 2014 we were started accepting Bitcoin in automatic mode via Bitcoin 24/7 gateway. Bitcoin is become popular so many of our investors using such cryptocurrency. Now we can see the following picture about payment systems for ForexGHQ Perfect Money – 25%, Egopay – 35% , Payeer – 20%, Bitcoin – 20%. We will analyze these trends in the future.

What do you think about current situation in HYIPs?

We have long departed from that loss Liberty Reserve, We look forward dominated alternative currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. It's an new era for the industry.

Back to the previous question, in our opinion very important, we want to ask, and more precisely to begin with to depicture the situation. In Russia large quantity of projects start every day that promise high interest rates but in practice they work for a week or couple of days. What is waiting for us in HYIP industry with such approach?

As you understand nothing special with this approach, we will not wait, we will continue to work on improving the technology of development programs for long term cooperation.

Thanks, for the answer. Let's return to ForexGHQ. Answer, did you face with difficulties at work and if yes, which one?

We are still working as usual, after testing our system for automated acceptance of deposits in Bitcoin we haven't any additional

You have support chat. What most frequent question is? Perhaps, you share some answers to the most widespread questions?

Many of our clients asking about our investment packages, so I think we
can talk a little bit more about it.

First of all we have a profitable investment packages and Multi Level referral commission.
Many of our investors still asking us: “How can we work with such percentages for a really long time?"
As you can see First investment plan with dynamic range percentage can provide profit from 2.6% up to 3.0% daily. Your initial capital will back at the end of investment term. If you want to get more percentage you can choose package called “ForexGHQ Plan” and get up to 500% After 50 days. In this case your initial capital is include to your profit. Also we have profitable package for our VIP investors where you can get 300% only “After 15 calendar days”. ForexGHQ VIP - 600% After 25 Days can provide better Percentage but the minimal amount for investing is 3000. So if you want to get more percentage you should to invest more. You can use our profit calculator for calculate your profit.

How about partner program? What conditions do you offer to partners?

Our multi level referral commission it’s an excellent opportunity to make additional profit. We will pay 5% of valid deposits made by referred user to referring user, the second level referral commission is 1.5%, the third level is 0.5%. You don’t need to have an active deposit to get your commission. In combination with many other positive features of our program - ForexGHQ it's an one of the best opportunity to make profit online.

Your wishes to monitoring users and all potential investors:

I've always been a good opinion about your blog and monitor so I wish you a lot of readers and more stable programs for Investors.  Also don’t hesitate to contact us via your proposal for developing our Company Let’s make ForexGHQ better together. Thank you for this great opportunity.

Thanks that for the chance to communicate with you! Successes to your

Alex K, administrator of
Evans Daniel Stephen, main administrator of ForexGHQ