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Carbon7 - one of the best offers of this year. The project owns an excellent set of qualities, beginning from how it looks and finishing with technical characteristics. Even the most skilled investor will understand that each trifle is thought over and worked here that for certain is a consequence of laborious work of administration.

So, what Carbon7 offers us?

The project started relatively recently, 1-st of June, and that time the subject was fixed at some investment forums, including popular According to developers, who published a welcome letter in honor of start, there are involved two groups who work on constant basis. The thing of such division, according them, is maximization of efficiency. So, one group work only on creative components of Carbon7, while the second one - on a technical component and improvement of security system.

Such division if it, of course, is present, will be as it is impossible, by the way. Especially, in the project still there is a lot of work. However, the project is actually deprived of all shortcomings and at the first visit of the main site Carbon7 you will be met by very competent and perfectly worked design of the main site. In spite of the fact that the site has only one language option - English, it will be very easy for any audience to navigate, thanks to intuitivism and availability of all key functions of Carbon7.

Only from the point of view of design, Carbon7 is a good project. Efforts of founders are evident they tried to make the most clear, comprehensible and unobtrusive design that would attract investors and served as a "business card" of Carbon7. Most likely, such, in many ways, unique look attracted a great number of clients from start. So, all necessary information is available to investors, main menu is laconic and not overloaded with unnecessary sections. In general, this excellent design decision is also very convenient option for investors.

Regarding investment plans, here everything is also great - Carbon7 offers just two deposit options for investors. As administration say the forefront is "basic". 7% daily for 30 days and within 14 days you'll get your deposit. It is necessary to specify that charges will happen only working days (Monday through Friday). So your deposit will work slightly more than a month.

The second plan - "trial", offers 110% in 7 days (your deposit and 10% 7 days later). The administration claims that this option will work on constant basis and it's an indisputable advantage.

Technical aspect here is fine. Green bar, protection against DDoS-attacks, thanks to the expensive and very reliable BlockDOS, plus - functionality of private office and numerous responses at various forums say that the project has a unique script.

Many investors specify that it is rather guerrilla experiment and that the project is in "development" stage so far. We consider that it is not absolutely true. It is obvious that the administration of Carbon7 doesn't hurry to show all the cards, however marketing that close to Fast, says that it nevertheless a final version which will be eventually improved and elaborated. Already now Carbon7 drew a lot of attention, so start already is excellent.

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