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1. Hello, please, introduce yourself and tell us about your work in Cryptoconomist?

Hello Pavel and our readers,
I am really glad to answer your questions for the interview.
I will try to provide exhaustive information about our Program and our Team.
First of all I would like to introduce myself,
My name is Eller Otte, I am 31 years old, with our team we have a great experience in such area as results you can see Cryptoconomist Limited Company. And Yes, I am main Administrator and CEO of Cryptoconomist Limited Company.

2. Is it your first project or you already have experience in high yield investment projects?

Not, it’s not our fist experience as you understand, We have a great experience in Hyip market with long term programs so it's a good opportunity for investors to choose genuine Company with professional management.
Cryptoconomist it’s a one of the best investment opportunity in the web.

3. How you got an idea to create the project? What was the start?

As I said before it’s not our first experience, so that a basic mission to provide excellent services within a really long time.
We have consistent team: Most of the top specialists have worked with the Company since inception, our own analytics who are employs a team of financial experts, so it is able to maintain the quality of analytics and reduce the time of data processing.
We are trying to provide best services for our clients in long term perspective. Many of our happy clients ask us “How long you will work?” I can tell you that our main mission is stable work for a really long time. We haven’t any idea to stop our work so our motivation is easy – the longer we work, the happier our clients.

4. Tell us about your crew, how many people work over the project and their duties, how did you hire them?

Our team consist with 14 person, each of us is an expert of the business so we work smoothly and efficiently. Our professional relations developed over many years, so I can only “Welcome” our cooperation within a really long time.

5. Your project's working almost a year. How did you manage that?

We are trying to provide as best services as possible so such long work It’s our long term strategy. Our traders have developed and are using a highly effective trading strategy and special analytical software which supports the decision-making process. The strategy, which employs the arbitrage principles and exploits ineffective and unbalanced market prices, has demonstrated stable positive results over more than a year. Possible risks are tracked continuously and maintained at low levels thanks to formal money management policy enforced throughout the trading staff.
I can tell you that it’s just only beginning of our journey so we will work as long as possible.

6. As far as I understand you are entering active phase, right?

Yes, you are right. We have a positive experience in this market with Long term programs so it's a good opportunity for investors to choose genuine Company with professional management.
Within a few weeks we will start powerful advertising campaign at many ways so you can see our banners at all popular blogs, monitors, forums, facebook etc

7. What about other languages?

We will add our “Representative Program” within a few weeks where you can find a representative from your Country. Also we will add more languages for our support system like Live Chat and Phone support,
I think we will add Russian language as a second language for our program.

8. What countries show most interest in your project?

If you check our Alexa rate stats you will see that Russia is most popular Country for our Program.
Also we have many investors from India, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand, Canada and many others.

9. In 2014 there was a sharp growth of popularity of projects with prefix 'bitcoin' or 'crypto', many of them were not so good. Did you face with mistrust of investors because of that?

We have Genuine Company with Real Registration, so you can check full information about our Company in official Company House website here:

Full details about our Company you can find here:

10. In the end some words or wishes to our readers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via your proposal for developing our Company Let’s make Cryptoconomist better together! Best wishes to all investors.