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 In this article we will speak about ways of earnings in financial pyramids, but you should understand that any investments and especially in high yield projects are connected with risk and no one give you always work "ABC" - steps. We will consider how to operate capital and to minimize risks.

1. Budget planning.

First of all define the sum which you are ready to invest before you generate an investment account (means that you earn on deposits). Important that the sum was comfortable for you, not the last money you have, after all if you won't be able to withdraw your money - that can be a great disappointment in investments in general. Also we do not recommend to take credits for deposit into HYIP, though many people practice it, but for the fist time allocate a small sum (for example $100-300) to take a closer look at HYIP work (deposit, charge of interest, withdraw, reinvest), and also to learn that these schemes are working.


2. Choosing HYIP and type of a deposit.

You need some time to choose interesting project; rush here is the worst enemy. You can choose long life-time projects (usually low or mid yield) or FAST. Depending on a type of HYIP, there are different kinds of strategy. As a rule many HYIP offer 3 or 4 types of deposit - they differ by minimum payment and term of investment, this means you can deposit 1 dollar or 5000 under different interest rates and terms. Also among types of deposits there are doublers - without withdraw possibility before the end of term. Also there a type of HYIP that charge rate hourly and has a possibility to withdraw money any time. In time you'll learn to distinguish types of HYIP at first sight. To choose this or that project we recommend you to watch for news on our site, also learn about interested HYIP by yourself. Keep in mind that the majority of founders are frauds and that your balance at your account depends on you.

3. Analysis, analysis and analysis again

a) Design

First pay attention to design of a site. It should be at least good. There are sites frankly ridiculous, like it was made by schoolboys. It is obvious that the founder won't involve large attendance for long existence.

b) Term of existence, and the place of domain

You can find it out by any WHOIS system. Pay attention to term of domain registration and start of the project, usually a difference between these dates about a month, but happens more. It tells about serious approach to work of the site, though it is not very important. Here you can see where the domain is registered. It can be Panama or Puerto Rico, not so important, after all we understand that sooner or later the project will be closed, and it is made that the founder wasn't found.



c) Rules

Certainly it is necessary to attentively learn Rules or Terms, and pay attention to spelling and logicality of the text.

d) Communication with administration

Before making first deposit - try to contact administration, it is one of the most important points to define the gravity of the project.

e) Attendance statistics

Also it is possible to check up statistics of attendance. Projects with low attendance hardly will live long.

f) Protective protocol SSL and protection against DDOS attacks

Look for information about protection against DDOS of attacks and secure enter into your account of a site. These things will add points to the project.

4. Put eggs in different baskets

To decrease risks choose several projects, do not put all your money in one HYIP, deposit in 5-6 different systems instead one. In economy it calls diversification of risks.

5. Planning


First of all make a list (or Excel table for example), with name of HYIP in which you made a deposit, date of start of the project, deposit date, withdrawal date or if it is a project with daily or even hourly payments - note each withdraw inquiry to count profit and do not forget withdraw money. It is also convenient to monitor Profit/Loss. On the basis of this data you can choose later the optimum sums and terms of deposits.

6. Development

 If you become interested in HYIP, it wouldn't be a bad idea to develop youself, read new articles, communicate with other investors, adopt experience of successful investors and probably share yours. Someone even got "a blog of the investor", but it is interesting to have a diary about the present projects, future plans, successes and failures. What it gives? Possibility to consider and analyze your mistakes, develops "investment memory", and orders your investment activity

 7. Safety.

 For different projects use different passwords, wright down them in a separate places and also to take care of safety of OS (actual bases of an antivirus). Don't do deposit directly with a bank card, do it with other wallet or exchange system, use for example an Internet bank.

8. Be realists

Successes to you on your way to financial freedom!It is obvious that any HYIP-project is not long-term and risky; if you managed to get Profit from HYIP do not rush to put all available means in the project with similar structure. It is not a fact that it will bring you income. Take a break; learn about new projects or old one.