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Participating in HYIPs, the main thing for you as investor, is to determine the level of of the project and its administration. In case the project does not correspond to some criteria, for you it can be quite convincing cause for ignoring of participation in it. And if there is no questions from outside (design, marketing plans, functionality), having dug more deeply, we will come across a technical component of any project. Therefore, we will discuss this moment in more detail.

Let's begin with an assessment of domain and SSL certificate which is invariable attribute of any responsible HYIP today. The main rule which you have to know, checking the domain is a registrar. It is very important information and if the site is registered on domains of CIS, like .ru or, you should be afraid of such projects. It does not mean that these domains are roguish or bear direct danger to the owner or you, all the matter is that they less abuse protected, so some complaints - and the project is closed. It is a top-priority indicator but if you want to receive more information about domain (for example, how many projects hangs on the same IP domain, as analyzed project, or how long the administrator got it) there are a lot of sites on the Internet who allow you to get full, complex analysis on the project domain. For this purpose you can use, for example:

As for SSL certificate, it is very useful function in any project that protects personal data of users. Therefore if you see or hear about uselessness of existence of "greenbar", mark minus to such analyst. Verification of such certificate is quite simple, instead of "http" type "https" in address line, and you will see existence or lack of such function. If there is no SSL or it was displayed incorrectly, it is essential minus to administration of the project and your data can be stolen in case of breaking or illegal actions. How to deal with such projects you already know.ssl

Now we pass to a thing that is essential for work of any HYIP in general. It is a script and hosting at which all project works. Let's talk about Script. Unfortunately there are no resources that could estimate at once and in a complex, what script is in a project. However 90% of cases admins point it out, and rest 10% can specify it in details on various investment resources. (Except homemade) There are quite few of them, in time you can learn about the version of a script (H-script, GoldCoders) purely visually. However, in a case of commercial script, one more role plays existence of a license. You can learn this information only on the site of owners of similar scripts, as here:, or here: page=checkdomain.

In case of license absence, it can serve as a serious signal for you to pass by this project as if the script cracked, exists considerable probability of hacker attacks with subsequent unstable work of the project. Well also don't forget that scripts can also be homemade or from another, less popular, developer. In that case, above-mentioned sites are useless for you.

ddosRegarding a hosting, an indispensable condition is existence of DDoS protection as without it the site can't sustain hacker attacks, breakings or other troubles. There are some hostings who has popularity and are very reliable. It are DDoS-Guard, BlackLotus, Koddos. These are three main hostings which use the majority of HYIPs. They are not cheap, but each of them provides reliable protection against breakings and attacks. Of course, it doesn't mean that it is worth passing by projects with less popular hostings, but here it is better to analyze their services and the price. If they take too little for the provided services, it is a ground to think about safety level which they can provide. As a rule, existence of hosting, as well as script, you can see on the site of the project or in the description at forums, however if this information is not presented, then you should check the site On the right you will see all providing services. You have to pass in the option "All about Domain" as by default you will not see the necessary information. After you entered the site address (in our case it will be into a search line at the very bottom you will see information about DNS records where you can find the name of a hoster. In our case, it looks like:

DNS кусщквы:

Main dns record of domain:  


 Where is our hosting.


 In general, the analysis of all these indicators can significantly simplify for you a problem of investment in a project. If each of these components is adjusted at a professional level, it can speak about very serious intentions of administration of the project.