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Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of HYIPs. They can be ranged on different indicators, but a major factor for an investor is profitability of a project. HYIPs with the highest profitability are called "Fast" (sometimes - doublers). Investment plans for these projects, as a rule, yield very high profit - till 100% per day, but also risks to lose enclosed money are incommensurably higher. Usually plans of fast-projects assume a certain deposit for the concrete term (at least 1-2 days), after expiration of this term investor gets the body of deposit + interest. Also often meets hourly plans in Fasts. For example, a project has hourly payments, and profitability in days 120%, it is easy to calculate that an investor will receive 5% each hour (120% divide by 24 hours, we receive 5% per hour). Thus, day(s) later an investor returns himself the body + income in a form of 20%. The body of a contribution comes back in the first 20 hours of investment, and profit - in the remained 4 hours.

The second type of HYIPs is mid-profit projects. As a rule their profitability varies from 20 to 100% per month. Here number of possible plans much more. The most widespread plan - daily charges with included deposit body. For example, an investor deposit in the project with profitability 80% per month. According to the plan of daily payments with included body he will receive: 180% divide by 30 days = 6% per day. In this situation, in the first 17 days he beats off a contribution body and the profit comes from next 13 days. Note that such plans are the safest, as risk to lose everything is minimized.

Projects in which the body along with profit comes back at the end of investment term are the most dangerous. Among projects with such plans a large number of "frauds" who raise money and when there comes the first day of payments - close the project. Here you can consider such "official companies" which are quite popular today. They pay minimal interest, and the body of contribution returns at the end of term. Such HYIPs, no matter proofs of real activity they would have, are also dangerous to investment.

depo1Moneyboxe - is one more type. It is very simple: investor invests money in a project, and interest charges daily. Investor can withdraw the body and interest at any time. However, in many moneyboxes there are reefs. For example, many HYIPs allow to withdraw money only once a week (under the pretext of real activity, and that money can't return to the account in short time). Statistically such projects at competent administration live much more long than usual HYIPs. In many moneyboxes instead of fixed interest it is floating; by means of floating interest it is possible to influence behavior of investors.

In general recently projects began to think out more and more sophisticated plans which can interest new investors. For example - a fast-moneybox in which it is possible to withdraw money every day but if an investor does not withdraw funds, next day he will get bigger interest, and so on. Or administration of a project introduces floating interest which depends on number of invited people …

We would like to give advice: attentively and very attentively re-read rules and FAQ before making a deposit to a project and if do not understand something it is better to ask at specialized forums, or directly. Thus, the result of your investment will become more predictable.

We wish you success in investments!