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Attention! Our new e-mail address: [email protected] is an affiliated project of Amazon Company. It gathers statistics about attendance of all sites of the world. When you come to, you see a search field where you can enter a name of any site and Alexa will give you out information about it:

• Site attendance rating in the world.

• Quantity of daily visitors and average quantity of spent time.

• Segments of audience who visited the site. For example, how many men and women were visitors, their educational level, from what sources they come.

• What countries the greatest quantity of visitors came from.

• The attendance schedule on different intervals of time.

• The place in rating of which shows popularity of the site.

Alexa rating is good to scan every possible HYIP to see how popular this or that system among other investors. The rating in this case is a driver of a HYIP, and many projects from start try to rise its' rating on

Alexa can help to predict approaching SCAM of a HYIP. As a rule such HYIPs will have sharp falling attendance, for example:

IMG 27092014 120928

Here we see sharp falling of attendance with the beginning in August till the beginning of September. Wise investors as a rule left off such projects as soon as attendance fell below the average level. It is necessary to specify that such technique works only for HYIPs with long-term plans. In short-term projects everything happens so quickly that no one can withdraw their money.

For more convenient using you can install alexatoolbar for different browsers. It help to instantly estimate a site you entered. After you installed the plug-in (, in the corner of your browser you will see a letter "a"

IMG 27092014 120938

After you click on it the toolbar will show you the basic information about rating of the site on the Internet. This function helps to monitor sites as for check of this or that resource it is no more necessary to come to and enter the address.

As a result - we can say that Alexa is one of the best (or the best?) tools for monitor of popularity of internet resources. In HYIP activity it helps to find interesting HYIP projects or catch signals about fast SCAM. So use Alexa and check projects twice more quickly!