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Payment systems, if we say about HYIP industry, are basic components without which work of any project is questionable. Without payment systems you can't refill you account or get profit from any project, no matter how cool it is.

If you already noticed, in the majority of projects certain payment systems are used, as a rule, it is PerfectMoney, Payeer. They hold the biggest part of money resources of investors which then goes to other projects. But there is also others, like Bitcoin (has considerable potential in HYIP industry), OkPay, Qiwi, SolidTrustPay, but they are not so intensive.

So what attracts HYIP founders?

payment systems2You see when you want to develop further activity in this industry, you should understand that you enter so-called "gray" zone where projects work on semilegal base or in allmost all countries illegal. The main logic here - after unsuccessful end of the project (that occurred almost in 100 % cases) hide traces of "crime". And payment systems can be that potential key to find administrators and subsequent "talk". That's why various projects choose payment systems like PerfectMoney or Payeer (Russian projects prefer SolidTrustPay). These are pioneers and most popular systems. And though PerfectMoney appeared in 2008, at that time competed with LibertyReserve which is closed now, it quickly became very popular. Reason? The loyal policy concerning HYIPs (high abuse stability) and concealment of ID, put the subsequent detection almost impossible. However they take high price for it.

One more payment system with similar properties is EgoPay. Actually, it differs a little from Payeer and PerfectMoney. Also it has useless verification that gives nothing, unlike PerfectMoney where the administrator can specify fictitious or real data (at own risk), to get a considerable discount on commissions.

It's not necessary to mention about other payment systems, due to various reasons they didn't get importance and popularity among users. And though Bitcoin submitted high hopes, thanks to a revolutionary technique of work - crypto-currency, but for example many users, especially founders of HYIPs afraid to deal with Qiwi. One of the reasons - necessity to specify phone number that is almost to show who you are.

payment systems1Well and, certainly, if the admin can't mask traces or not interested in self safety can choose bank payment systems, like Visa/Mastercard etc. As you already understood, to hide the information from such systems is impossible, all transfer operations are clear; it is necessary to show considerable keenness of wit or put considerable amount of money to make anybody never find founders of a HYIP. For investors it is one of obvious advantages of a project (doesn't mean successfulness though), well and for administration - simplification of the activity, after all with such convincing reception of payments and the legend sounds much more seriously. However, we advise to be careful of such projects where admins suggest you to enter your card number and CVV-code after you won't get any profit or even lose your own money. Remember under no circumstances enter any data of your cards, as it is fraught with serious consequences.