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 strategiiSo, you decided to make your first contribution. What to begin with? How to choose correct tactics of investment in HYIP? We decided to tell about several strategies.

1. Aggressive (High-risky) tactics:

- high deposit for long term without possibility of withdrawal.

- deposit without data gathering about system, lifetime or responses of investors.

- deposit all your savings to one project. 

 2. Balanced tactics:

- data gathering about the project on monitoring sites or forums.

- split (diversification of risks) desirable sum of deposit onto several projects both different in duration and terms.

- Periodic cash-out to check system workability, and also to reinvest in more interesting projects. 

 3. Careful tactics (less risky)

- Careful check of the HYIP: on WHOIS, contact information, contact with administration, search for max information about the project and analysis it.

- Check system workability by the minimum deposit which gradually raises if system seemed to be reliable

- contact with another investors, share the experience, reading of articles and materials about investment.  

4. We allocate one more type of tactics - so-called Chaotic. It characterized by nothing, deposit become either by "flair" or the first comer. The curve of balance of income from such "kind of investment" always goes downwards, but sometimes makes jumps. But it is wrong approach to investment and money in general.

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Good luck to you on your way to financial freedom and independence! crew