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fast tacticProjects under the name of fast attracting many investors that the depositor is no need for a few weeks expect a return of your deposit. Most of these projects allows you to remove the deposit and profit on the next day. Also do not forget about high interest income from such projects. The main disadvantage is naturally fasts their short period of existence, in some cases, such projects do not live more than a few days.

To avoid losses associated with investments in fast, you must follow certain tactics.

1. When it is necessary to contribute to fast?

According to statistics, the number of quick-projects exceeds the number of projects that provide a chance not to lose their money and make them 3 times.

So you need to choose the most "fresh" fast and try to make a deposit in the forefront, scroll quickly through it, preferably within a couple of days, and then withdraw the deposit together with a profit.

2. When to withdraw from the project?

Fast, owner unquestionably creating it spends its money, so of course his goal is to raise money from investors to cover their decomposition in the creation and promotion of the project, and then get some profit. The sooner these goals are achieved, respectively, the earlier and closes the project. Therefore it is desirable before making contribution to evaluate the approximate cost of a project. Most fasts available statistics open deposits, respectively, you can compare the estimated cost of the project and the total amount of deposits. As a result, you will have the information for consideration.

It is best to leave the project on Thursday, as most of the fasts is closed on weekends, as on Saturday and Sunday activity depositors quite reduced. Not the best period of investment in the Fast considered summer.

3. At what amount it cost to contribute?

The answer to this question is almost the same for all types of HYIPs, and fast food are no exception. Cost in advance to prepare yourself for the fact that your investment will be lost you forever. Well, if your money back, and even profitably consider it luck or a pleasant surprise.

4. Which cost tariff plans to choose?

Most of the investors are trying to participate in a one-day tariff plans plans, so it is less risky. However, if the project is done qualitatively and shows that the author has put into it Fast, large amount of money, you can take a chance and take part in the 3-day tariff plan. If you see that the project clearly looks cheap, it is best to make a contribution for one day.