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hyip bezopasnost2Precautions necessary when working with HYIPs

It's no secret that the Internet is filled with lots of unpleasant surprises, such as malicious viruses, worms, software - spyware, etc.

Every Internet user should be concerned about computer security, it also applies to investors in the HYIP projects and safely protect your personal data from online dangers. In this article we will discuss the basic precautions that everyone should know who invest in HYIP projects. HYIP is an environment where large turnover of money and, where big money, there are always people who want to take someone else's.

The main enemies are hyper hackers, they break into accounts, steal passwords, and take away the money of investors.

If you do not want one day to leave his budget that works for you in this or that project, take a mental note the following recommendations.

1. Primarily reliably protect your computer. Wise people always put on protecting your computer three guards - anti-virus, firewall and antitroyan that protect against all sorts of online threats.

2. Discover yourself at least two e-mail account, in different systems, which should in no way interfere with one another. One account you use when registering the necessary electronic payment systems. Second mailbox will need to register in HYIP projects.

3. Secure Mailbox. Do not use the same passwords for different mailboxes. Pay special attention to the complexity of the password of the mailbox that will be used for registration in payment systems. Do complex passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters, use numbers and symbols. If there is a possibility to use a two-tier postal system authorization (password + sms) do not give up that protection.

4. Upon check in HYIP - projects always use different passwords. For example, take the basis of a complex password, which will be a kind of pattern, and when checking in other HYIPs add unto "password - template" two letters of the name of the project in which you register. Thus, as a result you will receive a unique password for each HYIP and thus can easily remember it.

5. If getting to the post office, which is used for payment systems letter requesting for additional verification or authorization to confirm the identity of your account, especially if the letter is attached as yet - the file, it is better to remove this message. In no case did not follow the instructions, most likely scammers want you to send to a special website through which they can easily steal your password, access the acanthus "payment order" or steal money. Fraudsters can also install malicious software on your computer, with which they are constantly able to steal your any personal information.

6. Always use additional methods of protection that provide payment systems.

Remember that way deprive you of money in-line a large number and variety of such methods is constantly expanding. Change your passwords periodically, take their own blueprint recommendations of this article and we are sure that you save your money and protect yourself from fraudulent actions.